New Rochelle High Schools Students in Off-Campus Melee, 1 Seriously Injured

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Dozens of New Rochelle High School students were detained by New Rochelle Police looking for weapons following a melee at a popular pizza spot across the street from the school.

The victim, 15, was eating alone at Gemmelli Pizzeria at 752 North Avenue when witnesses say a group of 7 students, ages 16-17, attacked the student. The students involved in the melee smashed wine bottles, threw chairs and used utensils as weapons.

One student suffered a deep laceration to the hand. A school district employee accompanied the wounded student in an ambulance to a local hospital.

The victim has a prior history with New Rochelle Police, sources say. In May 2016, the victim in today’s incident stabbed a student on the baseball field behind Isaac E. Young Middle School. The then-eigth grade male student, age 13, stabbed another eight grade male student, 14, in the chest, according to New Rochelle police. In that case, the suspect was charged as a juvenile delinquent with Assault 2nd degree.

In today’s incident, the perp-turned-victim, was alone at the newly-opened dining area at Gemelli’s Pizzeria. The incident was captured on video camera.

Police later issued a statement saying that the incident did not appear to be related to the homicide last week involving several New Rochelle High School. However, an estimated 80 to 100 students left the high school during the school day to attend the 2:00 p.m. hearing for accused murderer Z’inah Brown at the City Court of New Rochelle. Many of those students left the courthouse at about 2:25 p.m., heading in the direction of New Rochelle High School. It is possible that some of those students returning from the Brown hearing.

Dismissal at New Rochelle High School is 3:07 p.m. so all of the students attending the Brown hearing, eating at Gemelli’s, involved in the attack in the pizza restaurant, detained by police after the incident or milling about observing the police response were in violation of the New Rochelle High School Code of Conduct and due to the failure of Principal Reggie Richardson to enforce Board Policy 5520 which states that New Rochelle High School is a “closed campus”.

UPDATE 5:00 PM NRPD STATEMENT on Altercation at 752 North Ave involving teenage.

”At approximately 2:37 pm today New Rochelle Police officers responded to a restaurant located 752 North Ave on a reported altercation involving several high school students. Upon arrival officers stopped a 15 year old student at the restaurant. Officers determined that this juvenile had been inside the restaurant ordering food, and was approached by a group of approximately seven students ages, 16-17 years old. Members of the group began to assault the 15 year old, and then fled the restaurant heading towards Eastchester Road. Officers stopped a group suspected to have been involved. One member of the group was bleeding from a laceration to his hand; it is unknown at this time how he sustained the injury. This individual was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Although the individuals involved are being uncooperative, this incident does not appear to be related to last week’s homicide.

This remains an active investigation, anyone with information is asked to contact the New Rochelle Police Department at 654-2300.

For further information please contact Captain Gazzola 914-654-2253”


”I would like to share with you an incident which occurred yesterday so that you are informed of the facts as we know them. At approximately 2:30 PM a fight occurred between two boys and possibly others at Gemelli’s pizzeria. The police arrived on the scene almost immediately and broke up the fight. The boy who instigated the fight cut his finger and broke his arm. There were no other reported injuries and no weapons used although there were objects thrown. The police are continuing to investigate the situation and the school will take swift action as appropriate.”

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Photo credit: John D’Alois