Two New Rochelle High School Students Found by Homeowner in House a Block from Campus

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle Police are investigating a report of a burglary at 65 Calton Road on Monday afternoon.

The homeowner told police she returned home at around noon and found two teenaged boys in her residence.

The teenagers are believed to be New Rochelle High School students based on information obtained by Talk of the Sound. The District has not released any official statement.

“There was no evidence of forced entry,” said New Rochelle Police Captain Robert Gazzola. “The point of entry is unknown”.

The reported burglary comes just days after 4 New Rochelle High School students were arrested for Criminal Trespass after breaking into an unoccupied at 184 Mount Joy Place on Friday.

New Rochelle High School has come under scrutiny over the pass three weeks following the fatal stabbing of Valaree Schwab, allegedly by a fellow students and series of incidents involving a slashing, stabbings and large scale physical altercations.

“The Investigation is continuing,” said Gazzola.