City Officials, New Rochelle Businesses: North Avenue Is Safe and Open for Business

City Officials, New Rochelle Businesses: North Avenue Is Safe and Open for Business

Written By: City School District of New Rochelle

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Today, as students at New Rochelle High School return to school following Regents week, Mayor Noam Bramson, City Manager Chuck Strome, School representatives, City Council Members and more than 15 local businesses along North Avenue met to discuss how they can promote safety along the North Avenue corridor. City officials briefed businesses on new policing initiatives, and school officials outlined new student safety and security practices.

“Local businesses are a vital part of the family of New Rochelle, and today’s meeting was an important opportunity to hear directly from them,” said Mayor Noam Bramson. “We had a constructive discussion focused on how we can all work together to keep North Avenue safe and thriving.”

“Our message to businesses was that if they see something, they should say something to the New Rochelle Police Department,” said City Manager Chuck Strome. “We briefed businesses on new police initiatives to keep North Avenue safe and gave them direct lines of communication to the police department and city to address any questions.”

City Manager Chuck Strome and Acting New Rochelle Police Commissioner Joseph Schaller briefed businesses on new safety and policing measures, which include increased police presence during business and school hours. Local businesses said they will brief their employees on the city’s new safety guidance and are committed to working with the city and school district to improve safety. Business owners reaffirmed that North Avenue is safe and open for business, and expressed support for the city’s new policing initiatives in light of recent events.

“New Rochelle’s business owners, families and City Government are working together as a team to ensure our city is safe, secure and thriving,” said Councilman Jared Rice. “Today’s meeting was a productive opportunity to hear from business owners, particularly around the area of community policing.”

“It was important for the School District to directly hear businesses’ concerns and brief them on the steps we are taking to keep students safe,” said Amy Goodman, Interim Assistant Superintendent. “We are committed to working with parents, businesses, and city officials, to keep students safe and promote a safe business community.” 

Goodman briefed businesses on the new safety practices at the high school, including enforcement of a closed campus policy while a security audit is conducted. The School District affirmed their continued cooperation with the City to ensure the continued success of the North Avenue business corridor.