Kindness Counts Challenge Begins at Ward Elementary

Kindness Counts Challenge Begins at Ward Elementary

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — It’s been said no act of kindness – however small – is ever wasted, and Ward Elementary School faculty and administrators are reinforcing that through its month-long kindness challenge.

Coordinated through the School’s Student Council, the “Kindness Counts Challenge” activities are intended to remind everyone how easy it is to be kind and how compassion, sympathy, helpfulness or thoughtfulness can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Teachers Trisha Goodman, Angie Obligado and Jonathan Fox are coordinating the activities and said the events are creating a cheery vibe in the building.   

“We look to do different things with the students on a monthly basis,” Goodman said. “This month, it’s kindness-related. Every day, we’re focusing on different reminders, like being kind to adults, being kind in the lunchroom and many other important, similar things.”

Teachers have created kindness bulletin boards with students, giving students an opportunity to see how others in the school have addressed the concept of kindness.  A large bulletin board outside the main office also reinforces kindness themes.

“Every classroom is sharing their kindness goals or what kindness means to them,” Obligado said. “We are seeing everyone come together to create kindness goals.”

Teachers are also asking parents to get involved, by asking them to set kindness goals with their children or doing a random act of kindness and sharing it with the school.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has designated Feb. 11 to 17 as Random Acts of Kindness Week, so the school’s activities fit in perfectly. 

Other activities include having students create and read daily announcements on the different ways to be kind. 

Additionally, students are taking part in read-aloud opportunities within the classrooms. There will also be a “purple” school spirit day to conclude the month-long events.

“I think showing kindness makes people want to be kind,” Obligado said. “It’s a ripple effect. I think it’s important for them to see kindness and show kindness, especially in light of so much negativity in the world. They need to see it and practice it. When that happens, it puts a lot of positivity out there, and we all can use some positivity.”