New Rochelle School District (Finally) Unexpectedly Resigns Racist Janitor

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Martin Freiman has been unexpectedly resigned after 17 years of scamming the school district and overtly racist behavior.

Freiman was threatened with legal action by the District for “theft of time” after school officials documented that Freiman would clock into work the evening shift at William B. Ward Elementary School then sit in his car for hours, smoking cigarettes and otherwise not cleaning the school.

Freiman was confronted by school officials and given the option to resign or face possible criminal referral to the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office. Freiman was given five minutes to decide. 

Also involved was Freiman’s wife, Virginia Freiman, head custodian at Daniel Webster Elementary School. She was previously reprimanded by Keith Watkins, her supervisor, after she was discovered cleaning her husband’s area at Ward after finishing her shift at Webster, sources say. She has, so far, retained her position as Head Custodian at Daniel Webster Elementary School.

For years, working under convicted felon John Gallagher, Freiman stole time in other ways. Freiman was “employed” by Aramark to repair cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners while being paid by the school district to work as a custodian. James Purdy of Aramark would bring vacuum cleaners to Freiman for repair. Working on District time, Freiman would repair the equipment; Purdy would then make additional compensation to Freiman for the vacuum repair by authorizing unearned overtime payments at District expense.


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