FBI Arrests New Rochelle High School Student in Alabama for January Stabbing Incident

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Bryan Stamps has been arrested in Gadsen, Alabama by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ending a four-month manhunt for a high school who stabbed a classmate in January.

Stamps will be extradited to New York. He was apprehended at the home of his grandfather according to sources close to the investigation. He is being held in a juvenile detention facility in Alabama while the New Rochelle Police Department and the Westchester County District Attorney’s office work out the details of his extradition. 

New Rochelle police are expected to make an official statement on Tuesday (see update below).

On the morning of January 18, Stamps is alleged to have entered a classroom in New Rochelle High School and stabbed a fellow student. The victim was taken to the trauma unit at Jacobi Medical Center in serious conditions with multiple stab wounds. Stamps fled the scene. There was a 15 minute delay before police were called. Stamps disappeared.

The previous day Stamps was allegedly assaulted by a group of seven New Rochelle High School students. 

Stamps previously stabbed a classmate at Isaac E. Young Middle School in May 2016. At the time of the 2018 stabbing, Stamps was still serving a two year probation on the 2016 case. Stamps was expelled from school for 9th grade. He was reinstated at New Rochelle High School for 10th grade in September 2017.

The stabbing incident in the high school came 8 days after the fatal stabbing of Valaree Schwab at a Dunkin’ Donuts on North Avenue and Mayflower Avenue.

The spate of school violence brought waves of negative media coverage to New Rochelle High School.

Immediately after the incident students were placed in a “Stand in Place“ and Lockout. The New Rochelle Police Department put out a BOLO ALERT for Bryan Stamps, described as a “Male/Black, 145 pounds, 5’ 7”, medium complexion…Last seen wearing green hoodie, blue jeans, dark sneaker, suspect possibly armed with a knife.”

UDPATE: May 15 11:05 AM Westchester County District Attorney says Bryan Stamps has waived extradition. He will be brought back to New York. He will be arraigned at the Westchester County Courthouse as a juvenile offender. The data and time of his return and appearance in court are unknown at this time. The City of New Rochelle is working on a press statement now.

UPDATE: May 15 11:45 AM New Rochelle Police Department Statement:

NRHS Stabbing Suspect Arrested in Alabama

Yesterday afternoon, members of the FBI arrested the 15-year old suspect wanted in connection with the January 18th stabbing of a New Rochelle High School student.  The suspect was taken into custody at a relative’s home in Gadsden, Alabama pursuant to a warrant of arrest.  He is being held in a juvenile detention facility in Alabama while the New Rochelle Police Department and the Westchester County District Attorney’s office work out the details of his extradition.    

The New Rochelle Police would like to thank the FBI and Westchester County District Attorney’s office for their assistance with this investigation.  No further information will be released at this time.

UPDATE: May 15 3:05 PM The original indictment contained charges of attempted murder in the second degree, assault in the first degree, criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, and endangering the welfare of a child. Given the felony counts, the case will be heard in Westchester County Court.

Stamps will be tried as a “juvenile offender” not a juvenile “delinquent “, according to Deidra Thomas, a spokeswoman for the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office.

A Juvenile Delinquent is a child between ages 7 and 15 who has committed an offense. A youth between the ages of 13 and 15 who is alleged to have committed a very serious felony, may be tried as an adult in Supreme or County Court like adult cases, but the case can be transferred to Family Court. If found guilty, the youth is called a Juvenile Offender, and is subject to more serious penalties than a Juvenile Delinquent.

Sources tell Talk of the Sound Stamps is most likely to be tried as an adult. The case is not expected to be referred to Family Court. As he is on obvious flight risk no bail is expected to be set. He will likely join Z’inah Brown in County lockup.

Convicted juvenile offenders can be punished like adults. They are placed with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services until their 16th birthday, then can be transferred to prison. Juvenile Offender’s criminal records are not sealed, unless the case is sent to Family Court.