Students look for evidence Wednesday afternoon during their final exam at Nature Study Woods. (Photo: Zoe Campbell)

NRHS Students Examine Simulated Crime Scenes

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle High School students investigated simulated crime scenes in the woods near their school at the culmination of a yearlong class in forensic science.

Six classes collected evidence from six homicides in Nature Study Woods on Wednesday. More than 140 students examined the scenes of mock crimes just like real world crime scene investigators do. They were tested on the skills they used to collect undisturbed evidence in a systematic way – not on their abilities to solve the crime.

The Mock Crime Scene final exam offers students the opportunity for an authentic assessment by having them investigate scenes staged with the help of the New Rochelle Police Department. Processing the scenes just as real crime scene investigators would, the students interacted with and were graded by New Rochelle police officers and detectives, as well as their teachers.

“New Rochelle High School enjoys this great partnership with the police department every year and we are very grateful,” said teacher Scott Rubins, who coordinates the exam along with teachers Peggy Younger and Andrea Schwach.