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Anti-Bullying App Available for New Rochelle School District

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Students, parents and others can now report bullying and other troubles that may impact students in City School District of New Rochelle from their cell phones and tablets with the app that is available from Anonymous Alerts.

The app is an extension of the agreement the School District reached recently with Anonymous Alerts®, a patented, anonymous two-way communications® system that empowers students to anonymously report bullying and harassment, weapons, drug/alcohol usage and other safety concerns directly to school officials.

Since its introduction earlier this year, the system has students and others to report problems through the website The newly activated app puts the ability to report issues in the palm of a student’s hand.

Students and others can download the app in the Apple App Store, Google Play store or the Chrome store. To gain access to the School District’s reporting system, enter login: newrochelleps and password: newrochelleps.

“Now anyone can download the app directly on smart phones or tablets and have access to it at any time,” said Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne. “We hope that by providing this tool, we will enable students who might not be willing to go to an adult to still report bullying or other tensions that need to be addressed in order to keep students safe.”

Messages will be monitored during regular school business hours by administrators at every school as well as at the District office. The District stresses that the system is not meant to report emergencies. Situations that need immediate attention should be reported to 9-1-1, as always.

The new technology at students’ fingertips will help them to anonymously discuss sensitive topics, have compassion for others, and learn self-awareness about issues confronting today’s youth. Administrators will get an app of their own called the Anonymous Alerts Incident Management app to anonymously respond to students, track incidents and take notes.