New Rochelle Board of Education Comes to Terms with F.U.S.E. Union on 1 Year Extension

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The New Rochelle Board of Education had reached a tentative one year agreement to succeed the current F.U.S.E. contract which expires on June 30th.

Under the proposed agreement, members will receive an “across the board” raise of 1.35%, with no increase to members’ health insurance contribution.

The agreement also includes a number of other provisions:

  • increasing the district’s  “per capita” contribution to the FUSE Welfare Fund
  • standardizing the elementary CAMPEL schedules
  • increasing “event pay” General School Aides
  • updating the coaching  stipend schedules
  • adding language that codifies policies on the length of the teacher workday for teachers who teach  the “zero period” at NRHS and members who suffer the loss of personal property

“A key provision of the new agreement is that teachers at New Rochelle High School may be assigned to a supervisory duty during one of their “non-teaching duty periods”  (either hall duty or a study hall duty) no more than once in every six day cycle,” said F.U.S.E. President Martin Daly. “There will be no reduction of the number of General School Aides in the school.”

The F.U.S.E. Negotiations Committee was chaired by Mike Chwick and includes F.U.S.E. Members Sandy Annunziata, (NRHS), Vic Cristiano, (Grove Avenue), William Coleman,(IEYMS),  Lauren Lanigan,(NRHS), Ann Marie Manganiello, (Trinity), Cheryl Smith,(ALMS) Tania Syriaque (Columbus), and Paul Williams (Davis).

F.U.S.E. members will vote by secret ballot on the contract proposal on Friday, June 15th.