Barbara Fraioli Rios, right, is retiring after serving the District's students for 44 years.

46 Retirees Honored by District with Ceremony

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The City School District of New Rochelle honored 46 retirees in an annual ceremony on Tuesday. The employees filled a wide range of roles and included teachers, social workers, cooks, laborers and more, each contributing in their own way.

“The number of lives you have touched is vast,” Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne said when they were handed certificates in New Rochelle High School. “You’ve been part of something special, and this district is special because of your contributions.”

“I feel in good company with so many people who have devoted so many beautiful years of their lives to enrich the lives of children,” said Columbus Elementary School teacher Janet Waller, a 34-year employee of the District.

Special education teacher Barbara Fraioli Rios was among the longest serving, having served the District 44 years. She retired from the Daniel Webster school – the same school she attended as a kindergartner.

“It was a wonderful ceremony,” she said. “I was very honored.”