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Re-registrations to Begin with Incoming Freshmen

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The City School District of New Rochelle will begin its mandatory re-registration of students with the estimated 800 incoming ninth-graders this summer. The District will then continue to re-register all students in all other grades over the coming school year.

This process is a modification of an original plan to re-register all students this summer. The School District believes the revised schedule is a more prudent approach. It will give the District a realistic timetable for completing the re-registration of all 10,700 students without causing undue inconvenience among families.

The School District has also named Dr. Charles Coletti, former Port Chester schools superintendent, to lead this initiative. Dr. Coletti led a re-registration project in the Port Chester schools and is well-versed in the challenges and outcomes of the process.

“We remain committed to re-verifying the eligibility of all students to attend our schools, and we believe that re-registering all students entering New Rochelle High School as freshmen is the correct starting point,” Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne said.

Incoming ninth-graders will need to be re-registered before receiving their 2018-19 class schedules. The registration will be performed in the high school’s House 4 cafeteria, from July 2 through August 22. Registrars, bilingual staff and security personnel will be present during registration hours. Dr. Coletti will be on site managing the process. 

Parents and guardians of the incoming ninth-graders will receive a notification shortly with detailed information on the process and what forms of identification will be acceptable. Further, each family that needs to re-register a student will be given a window of time to come to the House 4 cafeteria to complete the process.

Dr. Coletti has created a schedule for the ninth-grade re-registration, with flexibility built in. It includes evening hours two days per week, and a “call-back” day each Friday for any families that miss their allotted time to re-register earlier in the week, or who have to return with complete documentation.

Incoming ninth-graders who have not re-registered by Aug. 22 will receive notice that their schedules will be withheld until they complete the re-registration process.

“With this plan, we feel that we are beginning a re-registration that will be implemented smoothly and completed effectively,” Dr. Osborne said.

Any questions can be directed to Dr. Coletti at or (914) 727-0129.