Mikey Dubb's Front

Frozen Custard Shop Opens in New Rochelle

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — An inviting new dessert shop has opened its doors in the Wykagyl Shopping Center here in New Rochelle called Mikey Dubb’s Frozen Custard. The shop is owned, operated and conceived by longtime New Rochelle resident Michael Weissman (Dubb’s is for the “W” in Weissman) and offers a delicious twist on ice cream that will be a revelation to many in Westchester County.

Weissman explained what sparked his motivation to open up a Custard shop in New Rochelle stating: “Following several trips to the Midwest where frozen custard has long been a popular treat, I wondered why this delicious ice cream, with its luxurious mouth-feel and supremely satisfying taste, was not more readily available in Westchester County?” With that, he set off on a journey to learn all there is to know about frozen custard and create a brand that is uniquely his own – and the result was Mikey Dubb’s Frozen Custard.

Frozen custard is ice cream, but unlike other ice creams, Mikey Dubb’s Frozen Custard contains only 20% air by volume, which creates a much denser, creamier texture. It is available in vanilla, chocolate and a “flavor of the day”, and is made fresh in the store daily. The Italian ices, offered in a variety of flavors, provide a creamier “mouth feel” than other ices many may have tried. All of the frozen treats (including a vegan offering) are available in cups, cones, shakes, sundaes or concretes—a blended specialty with mix-ins that are not to be missed

The cheerful décor, friendly staff, and upbeat music add to the vacation-like feel when you walk through the door. As Weissman notes, “I wanted to create a happy space and the fact that I have been able to do so in my own community of New Rochelle is incredibly satisfying.”

Customers have been delighted by the custard’s smooth, creamy texture and the rich, delicious flavors. “I’ve been eating ice cream all my life, so I wondered how different it could be,” commented first-time visitor Devon Gillman. “But the taste and texture of this custard is truly exceptional.”

The certified Kosher shop, located at 1282 North Avenue, is open daily from noon to 10 pm. All items are available as take-out. Additional offerings, including cakes and ice cream sandwiches, will be coming soon.

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Branson expressed his excitement for the opening of the new shop: “We are thrilled that Michael chose to launch Mikey Dubb’s Frozen Custard in New Rochelle and I encourage everyone to stop by for a real treat.” A grand opening will take place on August 8, which fittingly is National Frozen Custard Day. Following the opening ceremony at 2:00 p.m., free frozen custard and Italian ice will be offered until 6:00 p.m.  In return, Weissman asks that visitors make a voluntary contribution to support three local nonprofits–Hope Community Services, the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence, and the Guidance Center. 

Jennifer Lanser, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and self-proclaimed ice-cream connoisseur added, “When you want to reward yourself, this is the place to go. The chocolate frozen treat has a creamy texture that is worth the trip.” As always, the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and this is one, Jennifer, said she surely won’t miss.