District-Led Coalition, New Ro Connects, Unites Community Groups Benefiting Students

District-Led Coalition, New Ro Connects, Unites Community Groups Benefiting Students

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The City School District of New Rochelle is forming a new coalition – New Ro Connects – with community organizations and coalitions that have formed or become active this past year to enhance the lives and educational experiences of students and families in the District.

Amy Goodman, Interim Assistant Superintendent of Student Services for the District, and District Medical Director Dr. Brooke Balchan formed the coalition by partnering with Tamaris Princi and Lisa Burton, co-founders of the New Rochelle Coalition Against Violence. Representatives of all coalitions and community groups will meet monthly at the District to share their ideas to improve the lives of New Rochelle students.

“We know that we can be so much more successful with our students in New Rochelle if we all work together,” Goodman said. “I am eager to work with those who have voiced their support and offered initiatives to aid our families and the School District in pathways for healing and emotional wellness, through collaboration.”

The mission of New Ro Connects is to harness the resources of the community and the School District to connect all students and their families to evidence-based programs that promote health, healing, resilience, and academic achievement.  Through an ongoing commitment to equity, the District seeks to provide each student with the opportunity to excel and thrive in the classroom and the community.

New Ro Connects will foster relationships for students and families in the schools and in the community to erase barriers to accessing programs that provide support when dealing with common issues such as stress, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, racism, media addiction, cyber bullying, illness, grief, and loss.  

“The negative impact of exposure to traumatic events can be offset by nurturing and supportive environments and relationships,” Dr. Balchan said. “We can improve health and academic outcomes for our youth, by taking a vested interest in their well-being.”  

“This is a major step in moving forward in a positive direction, hearing all the voices from the community, and ensuring that all students are given the opportunity to build resilience as well as cultivate emotional and academic strength,” Goodman said.

Find more information about New Ro Connects at its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NewRoConnects. Organizations interested in partnering with New Ro Connects are encouraged to email newroconnects@gmail.com for an application.