AJC Encourages All Americans to #ComeToTheTable for Thanksgiving

AJC Encourages All Americans to #ComeToTheTable for Thanksgiving

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

NEW YORK, NY — In advance of the Thanksgiving holiday, AJC has reissued its popular America’s Table, a 12-page reader for use when families and friends gather for the festive meal on Thursday. Copies are available at www.AJC.org/ThanksgivingReader.

“America’s Table puts all Americans on the same page, marking the Thanksgiving holiday with a celebration of our nation’s unique democracy and diversity,” said AJC CEO David Harris.” Please #ComeToTheTable with AJC and the rest of America!”

America’s Table: A Thanksgiving Reader tells America’s story with narration that is short enough not to delay the turkey, but long enough to remind Americans of the following:

We are each on a journey: Our families came from many different places but share a common land, America. While proud of our individual roots, we are drawn together by shared American experiences and values.

We are each part of America’s journey: It was a difficult journey for many and an unjust passage for some. But America has become the sum of our unique contributions.

We are each responsible for keeping America on course: It is our watch. America’s journey is our journey, and our responsibility.

“The strength of our nation derives in large measure from its rich tapestry of racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds,” said Harris. “We seek in our relations with other communities to enhance mutual respect and understanding, and to build coalitions of conscience. In America, each of us is entitled to a place at the table.”

Visit www.AJC.org/ThanksgivingReader to download, free of charge, copies of America’s Table: A Thanksgiving Reader.