T&M Investigation of New Rochelle High School Abuse of Apex Credit Recovery – Leak #1

Written By: Robert Cox

Woo Hoo! We got our first really good tip on the Apex scandal!

Sources at New Rochelle High School, familiar with one aspect of the T&M Protection Resources Investigation into allegations of grade-fixing tied to credit recovery, say the unreleased report will clear Maria Nunez of allegations by three New Rochelle High School Art Department teachers — Alexi Brock, Moira McCaul and Kerry Sharkey — that she stole material and improperly instructed a student in a night school art class. The report will blame poor communication between departments as well as non-existent record-keeping by Night School Supervisor Maureen Maire for confusion which led to misplaced allegations of gross misconduct and unethical practices involving the Guidance Department, the Night School Division and the Chair of the Art Department Marc Schneider. Sounds like a few people have some apologies to make.

New Rochelle Teachers Allege Grading Misconduct in High School Art Department


Readers helped fill in a few spots.

Updated the original article based on a reader tip, that the IT Director who was interviewed on Apex is the since-departed Mike Twomblee who fled to Mahopac on the heels of Anthony DiCarlo. Thanks for that catch!

Holly Gruskay shared on Facebook that her daughter was interviewed. She wrote “daughter took Apex class and was interviewed here.  I was in the room.  She spoke to them for an hour.  (her class was NOT recovery related, but was for an AP that she couldn’t fit Into her schedule. Son took a class also due to same circumstance, and I provided that background information….she was a baseline.  They asked if we knew anyone with credit recovery.  We don’t.”

Not sure where “here” is but thanks for the insight. Interesting they wanted a baseline interview. That strikes me as a good technique. Should I get my hopes up that T&M investigators were vigorous?

Invoices Suggest Grade-Fixing Scandal at New Rochelle High School May Involve Dozens of Students


Talk of the Sound continues to reach out to those with knowledge of the investigation. If you were interviewed, know someone who was and is not listed, let us know. If the questions suggest where the investigation, let us know and best yet if you have a copy of the report – draft, final, redacted, un-redacted — definitely let us know!

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