Shadia Alvarez at BOE 12-4-2018 on Apex Scandal.jpg

Shadia Alvarez Statement to New Rochelle Board of Education on December 4, 2018

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — At the New Rochelle Board of Education meeting on December 4th, Shadia Alvarex spoke during the public comment period on the subject of the T&M Report about abuses of the Apex Learning system.

I want to make sure the people in the community knew that I fundamentally disagree with the findings of the report and that I am profoundly just heartbroken about the way in which this has occurred.

I believe in this community. I believe in the District of New Rochelle. I believe that somehow, someway there will be a way to figure this out that doesn’t require this.

And so I ask that this board look at the report. I will be looking at it and trying to figure out how this happened and ask that this community support my work, my work was not just about an online program, it was about supporting students and I have a four-year track record that’s about supporting students not just an online program.

Thank you.