Shooting in Downtown New Rochelle; Stray Bullet Smashes Window in City Councilman Apartment Building

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — There was a shooting in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The incident occurred at about 12:30 a.m. outside Chuggers bar located at 234 North Avenue.

Three shots were fired during what New Rochelle Police described as a “large altercation” in front of Chugger’s. No arrests have been made.

Surveillance video obtained by Talk of the Sound from three difference camera angles shows a large melee began after a man in a white shirt walked from the Library Parking lot, north on North Avenue. As he reached the door of Chugger’s Bar he suddently wound up and threw a punch into the doorway. Just as quickly the man is thrown back out on to the street. More than a dozen people can be seen on the video throwing punches, grabbing and kicking on the sidewalk and out onto North Avenue as cars drive past.The crowd suddenly dispeserses as a man with a guy appears in the video. Based on the crowd reaction, the mam appears to have fired at least once. One shot, as the man steps into the street and aims at a person running away from him, can be seen clearly as the muzzle flash is captured on the video. A glass door across the street can be seen shattering in one of the videos. The man with the gun circles around a car parked in front of Chuggers, passing a man who is cowering behind the car then runs north on North Avenue towards the Post Office as he brandishes his weapon. The police arrived on scene about 6 minutes after the incident began.

Police found 3 shell casings on the ground. Blood was found at the scene. There are no reported injuries from the shooting at this time. No one appears to have been shot but a stray bullet appears to have struck a glass door across the street.

Police are reviewing surveillance video of the scene. The crowd involved in the fight outside the bar ran away as police arrived.

Police were on scene at 6:00 a.m. investigating what is believed to be a bullet through a window of a glass door of a storefront in the building located at 5 Anderson Street next door to Caridad & Louie’s Restaurant located at 241 North Avenue.

Chugger’s has been the subject of numerous police complaints over the years for drug-dealing, violence, drunk and disorderly conduct and noise complaints.

Councilman Jared Rice lives with his family in an apartment at 5 Anderson Street.

“The safety of all New Rochelle residents is of prime importance,” said Council Member Jared Rice who has yet to be brief by New Rochelle Police. “We will get to the bottom of this situation and make appropriate interventions to reduce the risk of something like this, or worse, from occurring again.”

James O’Toole texted at 6:00 a.m. “Just a heads up there was a shooting outside Chuggers bar not sure if someone was shot but I’m hearing yes, there is a window door across the street smashed looks like a bullet the pd called for video.”

O’Toole sent photos showing the area blocked off by yellow crime tape and a glass door at the corner storefront of 5 Anderson Street.