20 People, Including 5 Children, Left Homeless by Apartment Fire in New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Twenty people including 5 children were left homeless early Tuesday morning after a structure fire at 346 North Avenue. 

The fire was contained to one apartment but there was extensive water damage to the other apartments, according to New Rochelle Fire Department Chief Andy Sandor.

“You’ve just got to feel bad for these folks…this time of year,” said Sandor. “Just say a prayer for them.”

Five apartments were left uninhabitable. The building is the retail location of Fenway Floor Covering.

The Red Cross was on the scene, working to find temporary shelter for adults and several children.

“We arranged a quick reception center and provided assistance on relocation,” said Red Cross Spokesperson Caroline Sherwin.

Firefighters battled brutal cold conditions with temperatures at about freezing with sustained winds of 15 mph, gusting to 26 mph. North Avenue and portions of I-95 were closed but have since re-opened.

There were no injuries to civilians or firefighters, said Sandor.

UPDATE 10:00 a.m. Red Cross is on scene now. They are meeting with the families to make an assessment.


Red Cross does not take in-kind donations. They work with local partners for things like donations of clothes or holiday presents. Red Cross will advise if there is a local partner.


There is no power to the building.