Support the Arts!

Support the Arts!

Written By: Talk of the Sound News


Dear Friend,

Thank you for supporting for the Pelham Art Cente. We are so grateful for our students, donors, and members. We are proud to be a nonprofit educational and cultural institution committed to providing public access to see, study, and experience the arts. We aim to foster lifelong arts appreciation and to strengthen the community. Thank you for being involved with the Pelham Art Center for us to fulfill our mission.

This year we had more than 1,200 students participate in our offsite art programs; over 1,000 people have attended our Folk-Art series in 2018. Our free classes for seniors have created a creative community for over 40 individuals. We have had 5 public Art installations in our courtyard and in Wolfs Lane Park. In 2018 we have worked with over 200 artists. It has been a spectacular year at the rt Center.

Our programs survive because of your gifts, fees, and support. Please continue your support so we may continue to grow our vibrant Programs!

Your tax-deductible gift will help us enormously and for that we are greatly appreciative.

Wishing you warmth and light throughout the season.


Charlotte Mouquin

Executive Director


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