Jefferson students show off their new calming neck pillows, with Principal Kimmerly Nieves on right.

Volunteer New York! Provides Calming Neck Pillows

Written By: City School District of New Rochelle

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Students at Jefferson Elementary School received a calming gift on Wednesday when the organization Volunteer New York! donated 45 therapeutic neck pillows fashioned out of fluffy socks weighted with rice.

“I like it because you can take it anywhere, even on an airplane, and it will keep you calm,” said fifth-grader Amira Bedell.

It was a thoughtful offering handmade by the organization’s RISE job-readiness program with residents of Garito Manor, an independent living facility in New Rochelle. Each pillow is filled with two pounds of rice and can be microwaved for a warm neck comforter or lap band.

“They are calming and great for grounding,” said school psychologist Dr. Michelle Memoli. “This helps our children re-focus and increase attention.”