Four New Rochelle School Employees Charged with Time-Theft

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Four New Rochelle School District employees who worked the night shift at the high school have been separated from their employment as employees in the Buildings & Grounds. The latest round of “unexpected resignations” brings the total number to 40 since former Assistant Superintendent for Business & Administration Jeff White, who left in November, began a purge of corrupt and incompetent employees in 2016.

Andy Annunziata, an Assistant Custodian, is being allowed to retire. His spouse, Sandy Annunziata was a long-time union official in F.U.S.E. before her retirement last year. According to, Andy Annunziata was paid $71,767

Jimmy Manning, an Assistant Custodian, was allowed to resign. He was paid $85,552.

Peter Flynn, a Cleaner, is being allowed to resign but has yet to do so. He was paid $54,929.

Ashton Shettleworth, a Cleaner, refused to resign and will now be facing an Article 75 hearing, a due process provision for Civil Service employees. He is paid $58,825.

The four men were confronted two weeks ago with allegations of time-theft. Service Related Professionals are required to clock in and out using a digital biometric punch card system. The men were recorded on video not working or leaving the building during hours when they were clocked in.

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