Bible Way Church hosting the “Legacy Lives On” Fundraiser Gala 3/14

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Bible Way Church will be hosting the “Legacy Lives On” Fundraiser Gala on Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 6:00pm, which will support their Building and Community Fund as well as honoring the life and legacy of the late Apostle O’Dell Lyerly and Mother Jean Marie Lyerly.

“Our goal is to raise funds to fully purchase and renovate our new location at 444 North Avenue in New Rochelle so we can continue to serve our community as we have been able to do for over 55 years,” said Alexis Sinclair of Bible Way Church.

Programs supported by the church include;

MindShapers Youth Outreach Program – volunteer organization where our mission is to empower youth with life skills and academic achievement support.

Chicken Run – providing a hot meal to families in need within the community.

Hallelujah Party – to provide a safe and fun alternative for families to gather on Halloween.

Spread the Love Toy Drive and Community Gathering – We host dozens of families with activities, food, arts & crafts, gifts and so much more over the years during the holidays.

Monthly Outreach at Montefiore Hospital in Schaffer’s Pavilion – visit those that can’t make it out on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

BWC Back to School Drives

Organizers are asking neighbors and local business to partner with them by attending the event or placing an advertisement in their souvenir journal which will be distributed at the event to all in attendance which will include city officials and other community leaders, guests and members.

For further information call 954-608-4400.

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