New Rochelle Schools, City Government Do Deep Dive into Clothes Recycling Business – But Why?

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Many New Rochelle residents are wondering why the City and School District have entered the for-profit clothes recycling business, inexplicably going into competition with charitable organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army. It is not as if there are not enough places to donate used clothing in New Rochelle.

The City of New Rochelle signed a whopping $4,000/four-year contract with USAgain, a for-profit textile recycling company based in Seattle, Washington. That comes out to $1,000 a year on 4 locations. There were 5 bins but the one placed at Fire House #5, at the intersection of Pinebrook Boulevard and Stratton Road, was removed when North End neighbors complained. At $250 a location New Rochelle is being paid $21 a month to dress up their firehouses like strip mall parking lots and gas stations.

There has to be better ways to balance the budget!

The City School District of New Rochelle has a found a way to do the City one better. The Board of Ed is paid zero dollars for the privilege of hosting “Binny” the friendly WeRecycle recycling bin. WeRecycle, a brand owned by County Recycling in Rye Brook, NY, has no contract with the District according to school officials. Despite this, County Recycling lists Columbus Elementary School as one of their drop locations. County Recycling did not respond to request for comment.

Once again, the question needs to be asked, who is putting what money into whose pocket at the New Rochelle Board of Education because someone is getting paid and it is not the District.

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  1. They moved the bin at Jefferson Elementary School from the side entrance to Weyman Ave. next to a residential home. I hope this is temporary until they finish the construction near the side entrance because this thing is an eyesore and should not be placed next to a residential home.

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