Mamaroneck School District Has Allowed Racism and Bullying for Too Long, says Activist Parent

Written By: Robert Cox

MAMARONECK, NY –OneMamaroneck, an organization founded recently in response to allegations of racism in the Mamaroneck Schools, held its first public meeting Monday night at the Town of Mamaroneck Library.

The town hall meeting was organized by David Martin, a parent of a student at the Hommacks Middle School who spoke earlier in the month at a Mamaroneck Board of Education meeting about a racial incident involving his daughter and her two friends.

Earlier in the month, Martin published a shocking article entitled: A White Boy Called My Daughter A “Nigger”

Just before Christmas (2018), my wife and I learned that a White boy at my 10-year-old daughter’s middle school called her a “nigger.” Not only did this boy feel comfortable hurling this racial epithet at my daughter and her two Black friends (one male, one female), he also Googled the word on his phone and demanded (albeit unsuccessfully) that they read the definition.

Martin addressed the Mamaroneck Board of Education the same day:

The Mamaroneck School Board and Schools Superintendent Robert Shaps issued a statement confirming Martin’s complaint that the school district did not respond appropriately to the initial incident.

Mamaroneck Superintendent & BOE Issue Statement on Racial Slur Incident at Hommocks

It should not have taken an email from two of the parents to prompt initial action on our part, which took place two days later. We apologize for not acting more swiftly, as we should all be aware of how a lack of timely response can be understood as being indifferent to the very real issue that took place.

Martin responded by launching OneMamaroneck which launched a petition to remove District leadership:

“OneMamaroneck” Forms in Opposition to School District Response to Alleged Racism

Petition – Dr. Robert Shaps: Mamaroneck Union Free School District Leadership Must Resign

Martin addressed a group of about 50 people at the town hall on Monday, many wearing yellow “OneMamaroneck” t-shirts.

He described the purpose of the meeting as two-fold: (1) to have a dialogue on racism, bullying and other topics; and (2) to create a task force to advance the goals of OneMamaroneck.

Martin played two online videos.

Racism in the United States: By The Numbers

Adam Ruins Everything – The Disturbing History of the Suburbs

Martin then played videos he said were submitted by current Mamaroneck school parents and alumni.

There is a meeting of the Mamaroneck School Board tonight.

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