New Rochelle Board of Education Statements on Swastikas Do Not Match NRPD Records

Written By: Robert Cox

We continue to press for answers…

From: Robert Cox <>
Date: Mar 16, 2019, 12:31 PM -0400
To: New Rochelle Board of Education <>, Dr Magda Parvey <>, Joseph Starvaggi <>, John Barnes <>, Costa, Cosmo <>, Chuck Strome <>, Noam Bramson <>
Subject: Swastikas: New Rochelle Board of Ed v. NRPD


I have made a few individual inquiries but having gotten no reply I am going to share this information with all of you at once and you can sort it out

I have obtained the police report from the hate crime investigation at NRHS in November. I did not yet obtain any police reports of Swastikas at ALMS in March because it is an ongoing investigation. I did exchange emails with New Rochelle Police Captain Cosmo Costa who described the police response.

I have statements from Magda Parvey and Joe Starvaggi for the Nov 2018 incident and from Magda Parvey and John Barnes for the Mar 2019 incidents.

I created an image (attached) containing records concerning the Swastikas in November at NRHS and the Swastikas in March at ALMS.

As is readily apparent the police records and school statements are not at all consistent.


NRPD: 2 Swastikas in lockeroom at NRHS

BOE: 1 Swastika in lockeroom at NRHS


NRPD: 2 Swastikas in a bathroom

BOE: 1 Swastika in a bathroom


NRPD: 1 Swastika on a desk

BOE: 2 Swastikas (1 on desk, 1 on art) 


What I cannot tell is whether you folks at the school district  ALL know that the police accounts differ in each instance where police were called to a school pertaining to a reported Swastika(s) or whether some of you were told only the school district version or whether you were told that the police version of events is untrue or whether you all know of the different versions and are not concerned about it or whether you know the police version is true or what?

On the chance that you — like two media outlets — are only relying on Starvaggi, Barnes and Parvey and do not realize the police have a different version of these incidents as I have now shared this with you.

If you keep a running tally, you see…

In November police had 2 Swastikas, District had 1, then on 3/14, police had 4, District had 2 and on 3/15 police had 5 and District had 5 but the 5th was not the same — police have 2 in the bathroom but no art material; the school has 1 in the bathroom and 1 on art material which might mean 6 not 5.

If anyone wishes to clarify this I would like to hear from them.


Robert Cox

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