Six Months in Jail for Second Teen Sentenced in Dunkin’ Donuts Murder of New Rochelle High School Student

Written By: Robert Cox

WHITE PLAINS, NY — New Rochelle High School student Carl Booker, 18, was sentenced for stalking 16-year-old schoolmate Valaree Schwab in an incident resulting in her death. Westchester County Court  Judge Barry Warhit sentenced him to “shock probation” where he will be incarcerated in Westchester County Jail for six months and five years’ probation.

Carl Booker, along with Dominique Slack, pleaded guilty Dec. 14, 2018, to Stalking in the First Degree, a class D violent felony. Judge Warhit accepted the plea. In February, Slack was sentenced also to the same term.

On Jan. 10, 2018, the defendants, Slack and Booker, while aiding, abetting, and acting in concert with each other, another teen, a juvenile and other unnamed and unindicted co-conspirators, engaged in a course of conduct likely to cause reasonable fear of physical injury and did intentionally cause physical injury to the victim, Valaree Schwab.

After stalking Schwab for some time, the group of teens, including Booker and Slack, physically confronted and assaulted Schwab on the sidewalk of North Avenue resulting in a serious physical injury to Schwab. At the time of the assault, Schwab dropped her house keys and one of the teens picked them up. Schwab then followed the group to Dunkin’ Donuts, 646 North Avenue, to try to get her keys back and was stabbed inside the restaurant. Schwab was pronounced dead later that day at Jacobi Medical Center, the Bronx.

Charges against Z’inah Brown, including Murder in the Second Degree, are still pending.

A Westchester County Grand Jury indicted Brown, Booker and Slack in March 2018.

Assistant District Attorney Laura Murphy, Chief of the Career Criminal Bureau, and Assistant District Attorney Nicholas DiCostanzo of the Superior Court Trial Division are prosecuting the case.

2 thoughts on “Six Months in Jail for Second Teen Sentenced in Dunkin’ Donuts Murder of New Rochelle High School Student”

  1. Should be sentenced for life. The justice system is ridiculous.
    Once they’re off the hook they’ll continue committing unforgivable crimes.

  2. Shock probation is weekends in jail. Report to jail on Friday afternoon and released on Sunday… and although he was sentenced to six months of weekends, he’s probably got credit for “time served” so I doubt he will do any further time. This case is a travesty and Judge Warhit should hide his head in shame.

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