Candidates for New Rochelle Library and School Board Submit Petitions for May 21 Elections

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Five candidates submitted petitions to be candidates for the New Rochelle Board of Education. Notably absent is current school board President Jeffrey Hastie.

Hastie and Sal Fernandez, the two incumbents, are not seeking re-election to the board. Their terms expire on June 30, 2019.

The five board of education candidates who submitted petitions as of today’s 5 p.m. deadline are Valarie Williams, Peter Cantone, William Ianuzzi, Rich Bamberger and Vince Malfetano.

The three library board candidates who filed petitions as of today’s 5 p.m. deadline are incumbents Whitney Barrat and Daniel Bonnet. The third candidate is Beth Accocella.

Ballot positions will be established tomorrow in a random drawing at City Hall