Enrollment Task Force Steering Committee Presents Report to Mamaroneck Board of Education and Community

Written By: Robert Cox

MAMARONECK, NY — A steering committee of the Enrollment Planning Task Force — consisting of 32 community members representing all demographics, along with District administrators, building administrators/teachers and Board of Education trustees — presented a 64-page report of their findings based on the work they have been doing together over the course of the past year.

The Committee explained how District-wide enrollment trends have cycled since the 1920s, with enrollment surging and contracting throughout the years. A community forum is scheduled for Monday, June 10th at 7 pm in the MHS Library to take a deeper dive into potential long-term strategies the Task Force has been studying.

Among the Key Points Raised by the Committee:

  • This is a starting point, not an ending point; ongoing discussion will continue throughout next school year.
  • Strategies to address enrollment increases and space limitations are being looked at in the context of modernized teaching and learning practices, emerging educational trends, equity of opportunity to learn, financial sustainability, and creative 21st century space configurations.
  • We cannot look at this as a mathematical approach as we have in the past. There is no single answer to this complicated issue. Limitations and opportunities come with each of the potential long-term strategies.
  • Stakeholders will be part of the process in further exploring strategies and learning together to understand the complexities. We need to create conditions for ongoing, respectful dialogue.

The Board and Administration thanked Task Force members for the extensive amount of time they have put into this work and the commitment that each of them has shown. “In all my years as Superintendent, I would say that I am probably most proud of this collaboration and partnership with such a talented and committed community group,” said Superintendent of Mamaroneck Public Schools Dr. Robert Shaps.