Westchester Media Personality Leaves Terrestrial Radio to Embrace High Tech Future

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Get ready for RadioWestchester.com.

“The morning host is dead, long live the morning host.” deadpanned longtime radio personality Bob Marrone in a recent interview from his heretofore undisclosed location along the Sound Shore.

Over the past several months, Marrone has been quietly preparing to launch a brand new venture that he says will combine all he has learned from years broadcasting on terrestrial radio at WVOX and WFAS with the latest in high tech gadgetry including video streaming, podcast production, green screen video capture, social media, virtual reality and more.

Talk of the Sound can now reveal, for the first time anywhere, that Marrone and his tech team minions have built a “media hub” inside the New Rochelle train station where he will soon resume broadcasting his popular morning show between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., having departed WVOX last month to embrace an all-digital future.

City officials are excited.

“It activates the train platform and brings a new energy to the train station,” said New Rochelle Development Commissioner Luiz Aragon. “It is all part of the new New Rochelle experience.”

His show regulars are excited too.

“Bob is a bright, articulate guy who truly loves radio and what he does and is an engaging interviewer,” said Mitchell Tarnapol. “If anyone has the chops to make this new venture work it’s Bob. I wish him all the luck in the world.”

“Bob has always dreamed of doing radio so this is a new and interesting chapter in his lifelong dream,” said Anthony Galletta. “WVOX’s loss is internet radio’s gain and I wish him luck. I hope to be his first if not one of his first callers.”

The launch could come any day now.

“Not next Monday but soon, very soon,” said Marrone. “We will be sending out press releases and making calls to announce the launch.”

The morning show format will be familiar to listeners but with a few added twists.

“Everything I always did and more,” promised Marrone.

There will be local guests, listeners can call in and the show topics will be similar to his previous show. Marrone says he will be showing a bit more of his own personality and adding interviews outside his traditional format. Marrone may even resurrect the radio careers of long banned show hosts.

Rather than listen on AM radio, listeners will tune in via an App on their mobile phone or iPad, or via their web browser on their personal computer. Marrone intends to add distribution through iTunes, Tune-In on Alexa and other digital media platforms in the coming months.

“You can download the free RadioWestchester app onto your phone, or enter RadioWestchester.com into a web browser,” said Marrone. “We have cameras set up in the studio to video stream shows on Facebook and YouTube.”

Metro-North and Amtrak passengers can listen and watch RadioWestchester by simply standing near the East side of the station house. Loud speakers will broadcast the station near the Southbound platform.

“We have two goals, go digital and bring the radio shows to the people,” he said. “To do that we built out a brand new, all digital studio in the East side of the New Rochelle train station.”

The broadcast studio will have electronic signage across the top and windows on three sides of the studio so listeners can watch the radio broadcast live.

“We are right by the transit center so folks coming and going by bus, taxi, car or train through New Rochelle will pass right by – thousands of people a day,” said Marrone.

In addition to live broadcasting, the media hub will offer business services including a podcast production service for any host or business seeking to offer listeners a professionally produced podcast. Marrone will offer classes on radio broadcasting. More services will announced in the coming weeks.

While there are no FCC regulations, Marrone will abide by traditional radio style including equal airtime for candidates and avoiding certain naughty words. But he admits to being tempted by the freedom offered by the new platform.

“There is one colloquialism I always wanted to use on radio that I could never say on air,” said Marrone mischievously. “I may want to dedicate a show to that.”

Marrone expects it will take six months to establish his audience for the new show. Unlike at WVOX, internet broadcasting generates a tremendous amount of data to track “ratings” for each segment of each show so Marrone will have instant feedback from listeners.

He also intends to produce long-format content on topics like hockey, national security, mental illness and other subjects that have held his interest for many years.

For those wishing to keep up with the new station visit RadioWestchester and sign up for the email mailing list.

Anyone interested in hosting a show or creating a podcast can reach Marrone on his new email address bob@radiowestchester.com.

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  1. Bob — I know that you were banned by Bill O’Shaunessy from WVOX radio a few years ago (shame on WVOX). I think you had the most interesting show on that station and I also enjoyed your call-ins to Bob Marrone’s show. Is Bob Marrone open to having you on his new show and is there any possibility of you hosting your own show on his platform?

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