Neighbor Sees Smoke, Calls 911, New Rochelle Fire Department Gets Save

Written By: Robert Cox

Video from fire scene

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — A quick thinking neighbor out walking her dog on a Sunday morning saw smoke coming out of the house at 55 Taymil Road and immediately called 911.

“Thank goodness the neighbor was able to spot it pretty quickly,” said New Rochelle Fire Department Chief Andrew Sandor. “She repeated the phrase to me ‘if you see something, say something. That’s the big takeaway here.”

“It could be nothing”, he added. “In this case, she did the right thing and it worked out for the folks in the long run because the damage was limited.”

The neighbor went to the house to alert the residents inside. They were not home. They have since been contacted and were returning to New Rochelle.

Firefighters were on the scene before the fire had a chance to spread into the walls and roof.

Upon arrival, crews found fire on the second floor.

“It was a quick knock down,” said Sandor. “They stretched the lines straight off.”

The cause is unknown at the time.

“We have investigators on route to determine the cause,” said Sandor.

There were no known injuries to fire fighters, according to Sandor.