New Rochelle Employees Scammed Union Welfare Fund, Audit Finds

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Ten current and former City of New Rochelle employees received reimbursement to which they were not entitled from a fund administered by the local civil service union but funded by the City.

“An audit of a union welfare fund- a fund which is administered by the union and not the City-  indicates that funds were wrongly distributed to some City employees,” said City Manager Chuck Strome. “The audit investigation is ongoing and this is an internal personnel matter, so no further information will be provided at this time.”

The CSEA Welfare Fund reimburses union members for expenses like eye glasses and gym memberships. According to these officials, employees were reimbursed for expenses they had not incurred. The amounts were said not to be significant. The four current employees were suspended without pay and escorted out of the building.

One employee has worked for the City about 30 years, sources say,

The matter is being handled as an internal disciplinary matter. No criminal referral has been made at this time.

Talk of the Sound has submitted a Freedom of Information request to obtain a copy of the audit report.

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  1. Thank God for the person/persons who finds these things out. I was laid off from Westchester Medical Center after 26 years of paying union dues. I lost my medical coverage like many other hospital employees. While the Senior executives got enormous salary increases and bonuses. It is a SIN.

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