NRGOP RIP: Dems Swamp Republicans in New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The Grand Old Party is officially dead in New Rochelle after a Blue Wave swamped the Queen City on the Sound.

In what proved to be a high-turnout election despite only two contested Council seats, Democrats rolled over their Republican challengers.

New Rochelle Mayor Democrat Noam Bramson drubbed Republican challenger Brendan Conroy.

In District 1, newcomer Martha Lopez destroyed 12-year incumbent Lou Trangucci

In District 5, in the Battle of the Two Sara(h)s, Kaye dominated Langlois to replace the retiring Barry Fertel.

Yadira Ramos-Herbert won her first term in District 3 in an uncontested race to replace Jared Rice.

Al Tarantino (2), Ivar Hyden (4), and Liz Fried (6) ran uncontested.

The City Council will now have a 6-1 Democratic Party majority.

The seven-person City Council will also be majority women (Yadira Ramos-Herbert, Liz Fried, Sara Kaye, and Martha Lopez).

New Rochelle 2019 Election Results (Unofficial)

Westchester County Elections

New Rochelle Unofficial 2019 Election Results

Contested Races

Mayor of New Rochelle (100% reporting)

Noam Bramson 63%

Brendan Conroy 37%

District 1 (100% reporting)

Lou Trangucci 33%

Martha Lopez 67%

District 5 (100% reporting)

Sara Kaye 65%

Sarah Langlois´┐╝ 35%

Westchester District 10 (100% reporting)

Damon Maher 57%

Christopher Garittee 43%

Uncontested Races

District 2 (100% reporting)

Albert Tarantino 100%

District 3 (100% reporting)

Yadira Ramos-Herbert 100%

District 4 (100% reporting)

Ivar Hyden 100%

District 6 (100% reporting)

Elizabeth Fried 100%

Bramson victory remarks

Conroy concession remarks