New Rochelle Football Team Asks School District Leaders to End Coach D Saga

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Members of the New Rochelle High School Football Team have recorded a prepared a statement asking Superintendent Dr. Laura Feijóo and the New Rochelle Board of Education to conclude their investigation of head football coach Lou DeRienzo and restore him as they prepare for this weekend’s semi-final game in Middletown.

40 players, 1 Heartbeat is the theme we designated for our 2019 New Rochelle Huguenot Varsity Team.

In the game of football it takes a group of players to come together for one common cause and up to this point of our season we hope we have represented the New Rochelle community in an honorable fashion. We want to thank the entire New Rochelle community for their display of support for our team these past 6 days.

We stand united today with heavy hearts because we are without the heartbeat, pulse and energy of our Regional Championship team, Coach Lou DiRienzo. Since January this man has made believers in each and everyone of us. For 29 years Coach D has brought pride to our New Rochelle football community and due to his leadership we have built a program that is recognized as one of the greatest football dynasties in the state of New York.

We came together last Saturday to fulfill what he expected from us as a team but we are struggling to carry these same emotions into another week of preparation for the state semi-final game, this Saturday in Middletown.

Today we are asking the New Rochelle Superintendent, along with the School Board, to bring resolution to this matter. We are approaching a week where questions, uncertainty and most importantly, the void of our coach’s presence is hanging a dark cloud over us, which contrarily should be a bright time in our lives. It is moments like these where our brotherhood brings us closer together.

Our coaches have been tremendous to us and we want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts. We are high school student athletes that just want to play the game we love and know that regardless of the outcome in Saturdays game, we can be assured that we as players, coaches and a community gave it our best shot.

For all of us, this can be the last game we play together. For some of us this can be the last football game we ever play again in our lives. We do not want this moment and situation to be the reason that can potentially leave more questions, than answers.

We hope to see everyone in Syracuse in less than 2 weeks, but we will feel very confident in this happening if the heartbeat was back with his 40 players. We hope that you understand and know that this is not about an ultimatum but a plea to let us finish what we started as 40 players and 1 heartbeat.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

We hope to continue to make New Rochelle proud.

Your New Rochelle High School Football Team


Photo and video credits Carly Rieger @creigerphotos

5 thoughts on “New Rochelle Football Team Asks School District Leaders to End Coach D Saga”

  1. please resolve this matter against coach d he is such a blessing for our team this is a disgrace to our school

  2. It’s very sad these kids have to go thew this mass, coach D need to go back to coaching and teaching, that’s where he needs to be
    They really need to Fire the new superintendent and the whole board of education.

  3. So great that a group of student athletes ban together foe their coach. So sad that Dr Feijoo At her level of education can’t see what she is doing to the students, teachers, parents and community

  4. It’s too dangerous to leave a comment otherwise you will get harassed by the folks who disagree with your view

  5. In an age where high school children need adults to stand up and stick up for them, this seems so silly to carry this on for any longer. Children depend on the adults to be there. Sometimes educators have to make a judgment call to help a student in need. This administration should recognize that above all the children are what is important. Many times administration may not see through the protocols and paperwork and need to look into the hearts of the kids.

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