New Golden Wok Chinese Food Restaurant in New Rochelle Flunks Health Inspections

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Folks might want to reconsider their Chinese take-out options after 2019 ended New Golden Wok at 234 North Avenue in New Rochelle racking up with 28 violations by Westchester County Health Inspectors:

  • Insects, rodents present.
  • Floors, walls, ceilings…in disrepair, dirty surfaces.
  • Non food contact surfaces of equipment not clean.
  • Food contact surfaces not washed, rinsed and sanitized after each use and following any time of operations when contamination may have occurred.
  • Handwashing facilities inaccessible, improperly located, dirty, in disrepair, improper fixtures, soap, and single service towels or hand drying devices missing.
  • In use food dispensing utensils improperly stored.
  • Toilet facilities inadequate, inconvenient, dirty, in disrepair, toilet paper missing, not self-closing doors, missing hand wash signs.
  • Lighting and ventilation inadequate, fixtures not shielded, dirty ventilation hoods, ductwork, filters, exhaust fans.
  • Single service items reused, improperly stored, dispensed, not used when required.

Source: LoHud

8 thoughts on “New Golden Wok Chinese Food Restaurant in New Rochelle Flunks Health Inspections”

  1. Just moved to the area and First two times had food from it was soso.. beef for beef and brocoli is chewy and the last time i had it was really chewy flavorless and and oily.. no surprised. Waste of money.. my bf enjoyed the wings and fried rice tho 😒

  2. I guess I won’t be going there anymore for my favorite tofu vegetable soup! 🤢 Disgusting!

  3. I wonder if the Health Department checked to other two establishments in the same building for similar vermin?

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