New Rochelle Man Charged With Attempting To Murder His Mother

Written By: Robert Cox

WHITE PLAINS, NY — Daniel Flores Arteaga, 25, of New Rochelle was arraigned Wednesday for the attempting to kill his elderly mother. Flores Arteaga appeared in Westchester County Court and was charged with Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, a class B violent felony.

Bail was set at $250,000 cash, $2.5 million bond or $2.4 million partially secured bond alternative with a requirement of 10% down. His next court appearance is scheduled for April 1, 2020.

On March 17, 2020, at approximately 1:30 p.m., New Rochelle Police responded to a residence on Second Street in New Rochelle on a call of a son attacking his mother. Police found the defendant, Daniel Flores Arteaga, at the scene, and his badly injured mother unconscious on the floor. Police believe Arteaga strangled his mother until she was unconscious.

Police rushed the mother to the hospital where she remains on life support.

Assistant District Attorney Wendy Parra, Chief of the Domestic Violence Bureau, is prosecuting the case.

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office Special Prosecutions Division continues to serve those who may be a victim of domestic violence, elder abuse, human trafficking and child abuse. If anyone believes they are a victim or at risk of being a victim, they should call 911 or contact their local police or call our Special Prosecutions Division at 914-995-3000.

3 thoughts on “New Rochelle Man Charged With Attempting To Murder His Mother”

  1. Su vida está condenada para mal por faltar su respeto a su madre, ni en la cárcel ni fuera de ella será feliz aunque su madre lo perdone. En fin estamos en los últimos días donde los hijos en contra de sus padres, haciendo el mal como satanas los ordena.

  2. Do your research before you go and start talking shit , he served for this country and has mental issues.

  3. This story should be investigated, his mother asked for help multiple times. Cops were called to their home multiple times by mother asking for help and nothing ever happened. He has severe PTSD he needed help and no one was there. Things didn’t have to reach this point. His mother did not need to suffer this way, she should have been listened to, helped!!! But she wasn’t. PTSD is serious, not many understand it but take it from someone who had to live with someone who would wake up back in Afganistán not knowing who I was looking at me with the sAme stare Daniel has in his mugshot, EMPTY !!! They need help, the government needs to stand by them like they stand for us everyday fighting wars/ fights they did not create. Just for our safety!

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