New Rochelle Sees Explosion in COVID-19 since Cuomo PAUSE on 3/23, up 768%

Written By: Robert Cox


Any hope that the curve had flattened coming out of the New Rochelle Containment Zone on March 26th have been dashed.

On 3/23, New Rochelle was at 234.

The latest number (4/19) puts us at 1,798

768% increase since PAUSE began.


3/12 Glen Island Testing Site opens, New Rochelle residents given priority to be tested.

3/21 Nursing homes stopped testing for COVID-19

3/21 Cuomo’s PAUSE went into effect: movie theaters, gyms, houses of worship, schools, et al ALL closed.

The only operation that was deliberately congregating large numbers of people in New Rochelle we can think of was the school food distribution operation, in particular 95 Lincoln.

Curious what readers think might explain the explosion in new cases.

21 thoughts on “New Rochelle Sees Explosion in COVID-19 since Cuomo PAUSE on 3/23, up 768%”

  1. Dont blame Trump about testing. Blame Dictator Cuomo. He was in charge of NYS and Cuomo is the one who sent virus ridden patients to nursing homes and he is the one who set the rules. Don’t be ridiculous. A lot more people would have been saved if he hadn’t been our governor.

  2. There are no inflation of numbers only people who had it early like in January like me. In actuality Trump has been doing everything he can to keep the numbers down and so do nursing homes since they constantly want more money they don’t tell you how many covid-19 since they have.
    PS I had what was considered a mild case if that is a mild case then I hope nobody gets one it was a nightmare and it lasted for nearly six weeks. And I know people who came home from Italy at the end of December and got sick but in order to keep the numbers down Trump doesn’t want testing

  3. Westchester County Health Department doesn’t have everything they really really need because of trump

  4. here in New Rochelle I believe we have an 8 p.m. shut down of every store with the exception of gas stations

  5. The Nursing homes in New Rochelle and Mamaroneck have been hit very very hard our long time residents are dying around us left right and center are they reporting these numbers to the Department of health this Coronavirus is taking away our elders my heart is heavy these poor residents are dying without their families around them the staff are trying their best but they can only do so much the Department of health should review their policy on families visiting their loved ones during this time and give them a chance to spend time with them as they come to the end of their time here on earth

  6. Great question. I live in front of a Fire House and the 1st two weeks there was a little more traffic but in the last month and recent couple of weeks everything went back to normal. For days I don’t even hear them. I passed by the New Rochelle Hospital ER a couple of times and it looks so quiet that goes against what the “news” are saying.

  7. what the state of NY should do is put out a curfew to have all people off the streets by seven or eight o’clock pm if anyone do not apply this, they should get a ticket. The government need to enforce this (curfew) in the whole state of NY specially in New York City

  8. I live in the center of New Rochelle I don’t know what’s going there because I haven’t been outside I think the last time was March 9th I have everything delivered and left on my door I live in an apartment building I think super and his daughter had the virus but I don’t know anybody else in the building that had it students in this building from the New Rochelle Public School I think is the lack of Education that’s missing some people need to visualize what the virus look like in other words draw a picture and to say this is a behavior and how already dangerous is killing a whole lot of people you know what makes me the most angry and anxious is a lot of people bility to just educate yourself in life I don’t want to level I’m not saying I’m smarter or whatever at least I try to learn the basics safety in life and I try to pass it on to other people no negativity just being possible practical I never wanted you to live up this side but cuz I lived more like on the Pelham border Side but because I’m physically challenged I’m financially challenged I and now I’m in the heart of everything I’m not saying it’s bad I’m it’s just a different type of mentality action and thank you I guess because my background is medical field my ambition was to be a community nurse so when I look around and see the lack of Education some people just want to live the way they want

  9. Because the south side is full of essential workers, who simply CANNOT stay home. Same situation as Queens (immigrants and essential workers).

  10. Don’t forget the large number of gatherings for funerals that have been happening and no one is regulating this

    1. Funerals? All I hear about is a handful of family members allowed at wake/funerals and shiva via video conference.

      Where are large gatherings of funerals happening in New Rochelle?

  11. It’s a new virus. No one has antibodies. Everyone is going to get it. Better now than during flu season. Staying home only puts it off a couple of months.

  12. Supermarkets …before the lockdown and still happening, supermarkets are packed and I still see shoppers not wearing masks even when the store announces you must have it. Humans are their own worst enemy. Unless the virus smacks them in the face, they do not take any of this seriously. It is going to get worse if we lift the ban too soon but inevitable because of human stupidity.

  13. It’s because people are not inside- everyone is outside especially the drug dealers and once the $1200 hit peoples bank accounts that was a wrap.
    New Yorkers are spoiled- they have to have what they want ! They will go outside without a mask and go about their business to buy their drugs and liquor and the only way that number is gonna go down is if they close the liquor stores, all the fast food joints, the supermarkets, and cut off transportation, then people will HAVE TO stay inside!!!

    1. And that leaves the problem of how to get food and the how do essential workers get to their jobs? That is an absurd proposition. You can only get fast food by going to the window or ordering it delivered to your home

  14. The Westchester Department of Health should publish a map of New Rochelle that shows the number of infections across different parts of the city (with a zoom capability down to the block level). Additionally, a graph that details the number of new infections each day, along side the cumulative infection graph, would provide a clearer view of trends. I would also like to find out if health officials have conducted infection tracing to distill the potential sources of infection hot spots.

  15. Inflation of number.. my neighbors got Sick and were dignosed with covid without proper testing.. seeing how its cheaper Than to actually test you…

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