What’s the Deal with the Newly Hired New Rochelle High School Principal and the Black People Matrix

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Another social media account is raising new questions about a recent hire of the New Rochelle Board of Education.

The BOE announced the hiring of Adofo Muhammad as the incoming Principal of New Rochelle High School on April 14th with a start date of July 1st.

New Rochelle Hires New High School Principal

Since the announcement, the City School District of New Rochelle has ignored repeated requests from Talk of the Sound for an explanation of photos published on Instagram account attributed to Adofo Muhammad that suggest a connection with or support of The Nation of Islam, Leonard Jeffries and the Black Panther Party. A request to interview Mr. Muhammad was likewise ignored.

Soon after he was hired, we began receiving information about Mr. Muhammad, primarily about his online social media presence. We ran a follow up story on his Instagram account on April 16th. The Instagram feed suggested a connection with or support of The Nation of Islam, noted anti-Semite Leonard Jeffries and the Black Panther Party.

What’s the Deal with Newly Hired New Rochelle High School Principal and the Nation of Islam?

Two weeks later, on April 27th, the District published a statement attributed to Adofo Muhammad — filled with errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar — which appeared to be an attempt to respond to our article on Muhammad’s Instagram account:

In his statement, Message from Adofo Muhammad the incoming principal stated:

“ I am committed to the support and success of all students. Like you, I reject hate and bigotry in all forms and like you, I know that many segments of the community have been victims of hate. Regrettably, the “Stop Hate: Night of Hope” symposium scheduled by Dr. Feijóo was canceled due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. These types of dialogues are important, and we should never shy away from them. I stand with you, and together we will identify, and silence hateful acts committed against any and all members of our community. To learn, students need a free and safe space to grow and share ideas without the fear of hateful imposition.”

At the time we were sent the Instagram account we were also sent a link to a Pinterest account for Adofo Muhammad which raised new questions. The account contained a number of what are called “pins”, images attached to folders in the account. Some of the most controversial “pins” have since been removed but some remain while dozens of innocuous pins were added.

No figure is more controversial than Franklin Jones who is cited several times in Mr. Muhammad’s Pinterest account, mostly pinned within a Group he named “God body (Strength Beauty and Wisdom)”.

We will come back to these terms “God body” and, more properly, “Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty” in a future article.

Franklin Jones is a black supremicist and conspiracy theorist who refers to himself as “An Awakened African freedom Writer”, author of The Black Matrix: The Modern Continued Mental and Social Suppresion (sic) of African Americans Under National Interest (Exposing the Conspiracy Dimension of Racism That Secretly Exists at Governmental Level in the United States) also referred to as the Black People Matrix and promoted on his website, theblackpeoplematrix.com and a Facebook account, the Black Matrix Reloaded.

Franklin Jones’ Facebook page for The Black Matrix is The Black Matrix Reloaded which states:

“Sometimes a fruit falls from a tree, and roll so far away from its roots that it’s no longer a part of the tree. The hard fall and long journey profoundly changes the fruit. And there’s nothing that you can do to return the fruit to the tree. Sadly this is the case for many Black people that have been socially engineered to think in ways that serves the nefarious agendas of white societies.”

Adofo Muhammad displays a portion of this quotation on his Pinterest page

The rest of the quotation, which is left out, is an excerpt from The Black People Matrix goes on to talk about the “the white media” programming black minds and negatively steering black culture into what he describes as “THE N#GGER CAMPAIGN” and the “THE SAGGING PANTS PHENOMENON:”

Franklin offers his theories on education, the belief that black people have been socially engineered through “white miseducation” intended to convince black people to accept white dominance over their lives.

“White governed schools do not provide a racially affirming curriculum to Black students – as it does so for white students. They instead intentionally give Black students a marginalized version of their history. It’s a marginalized version designed to instill the the myth of white superiority into your subconscious minds. It is a classroom setting wherein which the majority of the achievements and contributions made by Black people, throughout history, are systematically withheld from their educational development. Black students are taught from curriculums that primarily exalts the history and achievements of whites only, while marginalizes their own. For many Black people their schools are, in fact, the places where they first experienced the implications that there is something lesser about being Black.”

This belief system is reflected elsewhere on Adofo Muhammad’s Pinterest page with repeated references consistent with Franklin’s theories about race.

On the Afrosphere web site, Franklin Jones expounds further on this views:

“The objective of the United States government has always been to maintain its White dominance over its Black population, and clearly, psychological warfare meets this need because it covertly creates a national climate that allows the government to suppress consensually the advancement of its African American population and to maintain its White dominance and national stability. Furthermore, history overwhelmingly demonstrates that the White races innate proclivity for racism, control, and dominance is much too deeply engrained for them to just merely give up their practices of implementing suppressive methods over its African American population.

A quote from his book is published on Google where he asks: Are white people the man of lawlessness that the Bible speak of?

“an exerpt (sic) of the popular under ground book the Black Matrix: the modern continued mental and social supression (sic) of African Americans under national interest.”

2006 by Franklin Jones

“There exists a profoundly entrenched core within the psyche of the White race where they profess equality for all mankind while in fact using every conceivable means to steal or maintain their advantage. Their predisposition for racism is matched only by their proclivity for deceit. They alone are the most arrogant and the only race predisposed to racism; all other races have been either their enemies or their victims…the expression, man of lawlessness, must stand for a body or class of people (Thessalonians 2:4). The Bible says that the man of lawlessness controls from high places and that Satan is his father and sustainer. They are as sons of the devil (Lucifer), whom he castigated as the father of lies (John 8:44) and the prince of deceit (2 OCR 11: 14). These “holders of an evil light” are the secret architects that create problems then prescribe their own cure. A cure wherein it is only they that truly benefit…Is it not apparent that the White race represents this lawless group and that Satan’s lawlessness is at work today?”

Franklin Jones has a wide variety of conspiracy theories including one of his latest, the Coronavirus as a White governmental conspiracy to kill Black people.

Franklin Jones has a number of videos online where he explains the Black Matrix, talks about the use of propaganda techniques developed by Edward Louis Bernays, the so-called “father of public relations” and its exploitation by white elites, his view that “today’s Jews are not ‘real Jews’ because “real Jews” are black, a take on Black Hebrew Israelites. According to the Anti-Defamation League. “Some, but not all sects of the Black Hebrew Israelites, are outspoken anti-Semites and racists.”

Jones makes numerous references to a “white media elite” that controls the movie industry, a reference to an anti-Semitic trope that does not actually use the word “Jews”, because real Jews are black people not white people.

We have questions about many of these “pins” posted by Adofo Muhammad.

The Eve Gene pin

Black Panthers with a Gun pin

Black Panther Book Club

Not even sure what this is supposed to be about. Does this apply to kids in school or something else?

We can only hope that Adofo Muhammad and the City School District of New Rochelle decide it might be a good idea to start explaining the social media associations depicted on Instagram and Pinterest before we get into some of his past media interviews.

15 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with the Newly Hired New Rochelle High School Principal and the Black People Matrix”

  1. Adofo Muhammed’s posts state simply that he loves being Black. People are misinterpreting what they researched because they are feeling threatened by the visuals and taking them in from a frightened perspective.Black people who love being Black are threatening I get it but I would be not at all surprised to find out that these pictures were displayed on his social media many years ago. If this is true then they are being taken out of context because he has grown and accomplished an enviable career since then. Its unfortunate that we live insuch a cancel culture and that a few people can hold another’s ability to have a position in the power of their blog. Opposition research is a nasty business.The man doesn’t officially start until July and already the welcome wagon has turnt up!
    This whole situation.is eerily reminiscent of the time that the kind people of privilege here in New Rochelle made sure that the last Black principal of our beloved high school lost a job in New York City before he could even start it. BUT when white ( small w intended) DR Feijoo rolled into town on her horse of a multi-million dollar reverse discrimination law suit and people of every size, shape, hue and creed campaigned for her to be removed from her position she wasn’t jettisoned, she’s with us to this day making decision that impact our community..
    Let us not forget that Principal Muhammed will not be acting alone he will be leading a team of professionals that ultimately answer to the taxpayers. , Our country has and continues to systematically practice the oppression of Black people( believe it or not) so I understand how threatening it must be to see a Black Man survive this constant adversity and still love being Black. The key to viewing Principal Muhammed’s personal posts is that they are not intended to be Against you they were simply posted For us.

    1. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian Osborne made the bizarre and unprecedented decision to issue a public statement, published on the District home page, that Reggie Richardson had not only resigned but stating the consulting job he was going to in New York City.

      That information was picked up by an education reporter for The New York Post who made inquiries to the New York City DOE about hiring Reggie given his track record in New Rochelle. Within 48 hours, Reggie told the NYPost reporter the NYCDOE informed him the consulting job offer was withdrawn.

      I am well aware of the myth that people in New Rochelle caused the NYCDOE to withdraw Reggie’s offer. One version of that myth is that I caused that. None of that is true.

      As if I or anyone in New Rochelle would have the power or influence to cause the NYCDOE to do anything. Nothing more than another cuckoo conspiracy theory.

      If there is anyone to “blame” it is Osborne who, in the belief it was somehow helpful to Reggie, to make a public announcement about the new job in New York which caught the attention of the NYPost – and the people at the NYCDOE who were afraid of criticism from the NYPost.

      In reality, the only “blame” lies with Reggie.

  2. I’m wondering what kind of message this sends to our Students, especially those who are brown-skinned.

    For years, we’ve been telling our students to be responsible while using the internet.

    We have told them their futures will be negatively impacted by posting anything deemed inappropriate by colleges and future employers.

    We have told them that 90% of employers do Google searches on future candidates and they won’t get a government job if anything looks remotely questionable.

    Over-and-over again, from 3rd grade to 12 grade, we’ve been preparing our Students and so have their Parents. Be responsible online. We’ve all told our kids the following:

    – Don’t be a bully.
    – Don’t use profanity.
    – Don’t post anything showing bigotry.
    – Avoid posting anything sexual.
    – Avoid alcohol or drug images/words/likes.
    – Avoid posting polarizing material.

    Now I’m wondering what this Principal’s online presence says to our Students and all that work at the HS. There are no consequences if you violate our “Code of Conduct,” and don’t worry, your online presence doesn’t really matter. You too can become Principal.

    I’m very uncomfortable about all the posts that have been shared with us, especially 1) the one of a naked African-American woman on her stomach, 2) the image of an African-American woman with a gun in her hand, and 3) the anti-Catholic image of a priest, US Solider and white male all as a demons.

    What happened to modeling behavior that we want our children to exemplify? Are we telling our brown students it’s ok to post anti-white, anti-women, anti-military and anti-Catholic images now?

    Dr. Fejioo, I was a supporter of yours until I read this article. Did you know about Mr. Muhhammend’s online posting before you hired him. I think we all deserve an explanation as to how these postings were viewed down at the District Office and how many people said, “Hmm, these don’t look so bad. Yes, this is our guy.” Honestly, I’d like to know.

    1. All excellent points.

      This is a classic “what did they know and when did they know it”.

  3. It is obvious that there is a standard for Racism that only rises when portrayed by White Males. For Black Males they have been oppressed thusly we need to look the other way ” Move Along Nothing to See Here this man Graduated from NRHS” mentality. Adolfo’s social media is virulently Racist. He has sent a message within his Social Media the message is clear and it would appear his is broadcasting it for all to deal with. He is free to do so but his actions are not fitting of a HS Principal. NRED should be embarrassed as they did not vet this candidate.

  4. If Laura Feijoo had associations with White Nationalist organizations or any racist group on her Instagram page there would be a major outcry. Mr. Muhammad’s attachments to blatantly anti-Semitic groups such as the National of Islam or the Black Panthers need to be addressed, if only by a statement of behalf of himself and the District denouncing these groups. There is a difference between Black empowerment and blatant hate and it is tone deaf for Mr. Muhammad not to address this.

  5. Not true….. Being a leader is a tough position. Social Media can hurt or help individuals. Those posting he posted are questionable and should be answered by him. Being a person of color myself and understanding all the challenges we face our youth dont need to subjected to this kind of media ! His personal belief is his right ! We all have the right to express our own religious beliefs systems ;However those postings are NOT of leadership. Keep your personal life PERSONAL so people cant see or judge!!!!!

  6. Someone sent me this message”Can’t we ever hire someone who doesn’t have the same amount of baggage that the entire Titanic had?” So true.

  7. What’s interesting about this article is that its written to make the new principle look like threat. This article is the very reason why we need diversity. It’s a attack on a black male who is qualified to do the job regardless of his beliefs as a black man. He is not European driven like most would want him to be! He has so assimilated to make racist whites comfortable! Stop attacking him and let him be. Article like these is why he has the beliefs he has! If he were a white man no one would care to look further than his credentials. Leave him alone!!!!

    1. I have yet to address his credentials in an article but as a preview I can say this: his credentials are unimpressive. There is nothing I have seen in his career that suggests he is prepared to take on running a large, diverse high school.

      Bedford Academy is about half the size of one “house” at New Rochelle High School, the 2nd largest high school in New York. It notably LACKS diversity.

      The nature of conspiracy theories is the absence of proof is offered as proof of the conspiracy theory so it is no surprise that you ignore the legitimate questions that have been raised and instead attribute nefarious motives to me for asking them. Accusing me or anyone who asks questions of Mr. Muhammad of being racist is a rather transparent attempt to discourage scrutiny of what can only be described as a bizarre social media footprint.

      I have 4 articles on Adofo Muhammad. None are “attacks”. One was the CSDNR press release, one was his own statement sent out by CSDNR, one was asking questions about his Instagram account and another asking questions about his Pinterest account.

      Asking questions is the nature of reporting. It would be better if CSDNR would address these questions or make Mr. Muhammad available to take questions on these matters. That they chose to remain unresponsive has no bearing on asking questions.

      1. Even if he did answer your questions you still wouldn’t be pleased. We know how people like you operate. You’ll continue to question and accuse and judge until your agenda is carried out. What do you actually know about black culture! Do you know what racism really is? In order to be racist you have to have the power to change and control people’s lives based solely on race! His post about his beliefs can never be racist because blacks don’t hold the power to change lives based upon race. What do you know about living the black experience? What do you know about being black, living and loving your blackness in a world that hates blacks? You people fear anything related to black people you can’t understand. So you attack and discredit anything you see as a threat. But you turn the finger on him calling him racist and saying stupid things black supremacy lol. There is no such thing as black supremacy. The only thing there is is black defense mechanisms against a racist world. A world that is the enemy to the black race. But that’s something you will never understand because your cognitive dissonance won’t allow you to understand.

      2. You sound like the President of the New Rochelle Board of Education!

        “I do not believe reverse racism exists,” said Amy Moselhi, adding “I absolutely believe that my colleagues understand racism to be prejudice plus power”.

        We wrote about that in 2019:

        New Rochelle Board President Seeks to Redefine Racism


        OPINION: Why the New Rochelle Board of Education’s Definition of Racism Matters


        I am a journalist. I ask questions and publish news and information. If the School District and the School Board and Adofo Muhammad choose not to answer questions does not mean I will stop asking questions.

        As far as agenda, that is about it – serve my community, serve my readers

        I appreciate you do not believe Mr. Muhammad is not racist. I would point out that I have not said he was racist.

        What I have said and will continue to say is that what Mr. Muhammad’s chose to publish online warrants an explanation.

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