Mamaroneck Board of Education Fears Drastic Revenue Shortfalls

Written By: Robert Cox

MAMARONECK, NY — The Mamaroneck Board of Education has sent a letter asking residents to advocate for education funding in the wake of decreases in State Aid:

Letter from the Mamaroneck Board of Education

Dear Community Members,

We hope this note finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Our community is filled with individuals who have responded to the Covid-19 health crisis by finding ways to take care of one another. We are grateful for each of you and for our teachers, administrators and staff who continue to find creative ways to connect with students and address their needs.

We are writing today to ask you to join in advocacy efforts to protect the quality of public education in New York State. The Greater New York area has been severely impacted by the health crisis and New York State is facing drastic revenue shortfalls that impact the State’s fiscal stability.

The recently approved New York State budget left school funding at the same level as last year. There was no increase to State Aid. In addition, to address both potential shortfalls in State revenue and the impact of increased expenses, the Governor has the authority to adjust education aid during the next fiscal year. Recent estimates project a $13 billion decline in State revenues and the Governor indicated that schools should be prepared for potential cuts of 20% in the coming year. This would amount to a loss of $1,530,977 in State aid for our District. The cuts would be devastating for all schools and amount to an overall loss of $5.5 billion in State-wide school funding.

Our area Superintendents and school boards have already reached out to Federal representatives to advocate for additional relief. We need Congress to approve additional funding to New York to fill the gap in the State budget and to protect the education of our children.

Below is an advocacy letter for you to copy and paste and send to Federal legislators, asking them to advocate for financial support from the Federal Government to ensure that New York State can continue to meet the needs of students and support public education. Please copy the message and use the links to submit your email.

Thank you, and here is to everyone’s health and safety.


Paul Bulova, President

Rina Beder, Vice-President

Gladys DeVito, Secretary

Ariana Cohen, Trustee

Sam Orans, Trustee

Steve Warner, Trustee

Christian Zambrano, Trustee


Dear Senator/Congressman/ _________________,

I am writing as a concerned community member residing in Westchester County to urge you to fight for additional Federal funding in support of K-12 public education in New York State. This aid should be earmarked for public schools to be appropriated via an act of the NYS Legislature and Governor.

We are grateful for the support provided through the CARES emergency relief bill. Although this bill provided immediate funding to address the coronavirus crisis, it did not provide funds to cover expected revenue shortages from economic slowdowns in New York State. Absent a Federal infusion of funds dedicated to public schools, the New York State Budget Director will almost certainly have to make mid-fiscal year cuts to school aid on or about May 1 and throughout the fiscal year.

Schools are currently and will continue to incur extraordinary costs (both instructional and operational) in the coming year as a result of this global pandemic. Cuts to school aid, especially once school budgets are finalized, will be detrimental for our students, our community, and public education.

Thank you for your continued support of New York State, our children, and our public schools during this unprecedented time.


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Contact Information for NYS Senators/Congressional Representatives:

Senator Chuck Schumer


By Mail: Sen. Chuck Schumer

United States Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand


By Mail: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510

Representative Eliot Engel


By Mail: Rep. Eliot Engel

2426 Rayburn HOB

Washington, DC 20515.