New Rochelle Firefighter Leaves Hospital after 55-days in ICU with COVID-19

Written By: Robert Cox

Deputy Chief John Reed of the New Rochelle Fire Department was released today from Danbury Hospital after a two month long battle with COVID-19 much of it on a Ventilator.

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — After spending 55 days in the ICU, much of that time on a ventilator, he left the hospital talking and waving to the crowd of firefighters from Westchester County to Danbury Connecticut and other loved ones gathered to celebrate his release. He has a long road ahead to recovery, but has shown incredible toughness in beating the odds to this point.

As ground zero for COVID-19 on the East Coast, New Rochelle’s Firefighters have been hit hard – with over 20% infected and several requiring hospitalization. These illnesses resulted in tragedy when, just weeks ago, New Rochelle Fire Captain “Andy” DiMaggio died in the line of duty after succumbing to complications from COVID-19.

“This feels like a miracle: to have John out of the hospital after being on a ventilator for so long, knowing how rare that is. Firefighters were getting sick day after day and then Andy died so suddenly. We needed this,” said New Rochelle Firefighter President Sean DeNigris.

Deputy Chief John Reed Stats has 35 years of service starting July 18, 1985. He was promoted to Deputy Chief in 2001 and assigned as citywide shift commander of group 3.

Reed was admitted to hospital on April 2, 2020. He was in ICU on a ventilator for much of that time. He was released today after 55 days in hospital.

Reed’s release from the hospital comes 26 days after the passing of Captain DiMaggio of who passed away Sunday May 3 from COVID-19. He contracted COVID-19 during the course of his official duties at the firehouse. He had 31 years of service. He died at 57 leaving behind his wife and four children.

New Rochelle Fire Department Honors Captain Andrew DiMaggio

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