George Floyd Murder: New Rochelle Protests, Rallies, Marches, Vigils 6-3-2020

Written By: Robert Cox

There are several events in New Rochelle today related to the murder of George Floyd. We will use this post for running updates (live-blogging).

11:38 AM City Manger Charles Strome and Police Commissioner Joe Schaller say they are aware of 3 protests planned for today in New Rochelle but caution situation is fluid.

  1. 1 pm Trump Tower
  2. 6 pm Vigil Remington BGC
  3. 6:30 pm March from Lincoln Park to City Hall, meet up with Beth El march.
  4. 5:45 pm March from Beth El to City Hall join Lincoln Park March at City Hall

As this may change please post updates on comments.

Damon Maher says Beth El steps off at 5:45 pm, plan is Lincoln Park and Beth El groups to meet at City Hall (post updated).

March in Solidarity with Peaceful Protest

Beth El Synagogue Center/CVS Wykagyl back lot 5:30 p.m. gather; 5:45 p.m. march

A peaceful and prayerful vigil will pay respect to George Floyd, his family and other similarly bereaved families, at 6pm on Wednesday, June 3, outside the Remington Unit of the Boys & Girls Club. Following will be a march from Lincoln Park up North Avenue to the City Hall/City Court block, organized by some young alums of NRHS. Group that will leave from the parking lot at Beth El at 5:45pm will march south on North Avenue to City Hall to meet up and show solidarity with our neighbors from the Lincoln Avenue neighborhood, downtown and other parts the City. Meet the march along the way.

Trump Plaza protest 1 pm.

About 70 people gathered across the street from Trump Plaza for about an hour in New Rochelle chanting “Donald Trump has to go” and “This is what democracy looks like” with “Black Lives Matter” and other signs.

6:41 PM Rally/Vigil at Remington BGCNR

7:04 PM at City Hall

Massive Crowd Converges on New Rochelle City Hall in Wake of George Floyd Murder

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  1. Thank you for sharing photos/video of the events that took place on Wednesday. Stay safe and be strong.

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