SUPER BONUS QUESTION 2 for 2020 NRBOE Candidates: Anything to Say About the Mail-in Ballot Distribution SNAFU?

Written By: Robert Cox

Adina Berrios Brooks: I believe the state and the district MUST extend the voting deadline to ensure sure every vote is counted.

Katie Castellano Minaya:This has become a pattern, unfortunately, of poor execution and miscommunication to the New Rochelle school community. If there was no confirmation that ballots did, indeed, get mailed out, then it should not have been communicated that they were. The timing is unacceptable. Money is wasted for return envelopes that won’t even have time to go into the mail. Those who cannot make it out to drop boxes for health reasons or other limitations, will be negatively impacted. Everyone deserves to have their vote counted. I am appalled at this situation as it impacts ALL of our students.

Barbara D’Alois: This is not something that should have caught the district off guard. This goes right to my discussions regarding transparency and accountability. The potential for disenfranchised voters and voting misconduct, as well as suits against the district are enormous.

Christopher Daniello:Did not answer.

Stephen A. DiDonato: It’s why the whole crew needs to go.

Sharon D. Footes: They need to push the election back. People still haven’t received their ballots and want to vote.

Matthew T. Hirschman: They need to push back the election at least a week because I believe this is voter suppression and it might be intentional.

Michael Leone: Being New Rochelle, it’s no surprise that there is some sort of issue with the voting process. While we are not the only district experiencing this delay issue, the administration should have been more on top of it.

Timothy McKnight: We should have fought as a district to ensure the power of our votes is granted, especially during this time. We need to hear and feel the pulse of our community, and it was evident that we needed more time. This is a suppression of our voice and power of our vote.

Mario A. Scarano: It really concerns me that if this BOE can’t run a simple annual election how have they managed to oversee a $280 million dollar budget and have they.

Julia Taylor: Did not answer.

Donald Vega: The whole process is incompetent and people have lost faith. The entire board should resign and the top 9 candidates from the election should take their positions. So far, I cannot even vote for myself since I have no ballot. New Rochelle residents should be very upset. A $280M budget may pass or fail based on a handful of total votes.