Take the Polling Location Survey

Written By: Robert Cox

AJ Woodson, Editor-In-Chief of Black Westchester received several calls from voters who state their polling location has changed and they never received anything alerting them to the change. They looked up their voting locations on the state website and the county website and got two different locations.

AJ is conducting a survey on polling locations.

For the purpose of a story to run next week, he is asking readers to check their polling place then email him to let him know whether the websites list the same polling place, two different polling places or a new polling place you do not usually vote

New York State Polling Place Lookup

Westchester County Polling Place Lookup

Email: BlackWestchesterMag@gmail.com

Deadline is Sunday, June 14th

Story on the results Monday, June 15th.

AJ does not need your name but simply the municipality where you reside, the locations listed on each of the two Polling Place Lookup sites and if your polling place has changed but you were not alerted to the change. He intends to report discrepancies to the Westchester County Board of Elections.

Please share this information to increase sampling from various municipalities throughout the County for the story.

NOTE: This survey is for voting on June 23rd (not the early voting locations that are different). Not for the survey but you can find early voting locations here.