New Rochelle Police Union Demands Recognition from City Council After Officer-Involved Shooting Death of Kamal Flowers

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle PBA President Christopher T. Greco has sent an open letter to members of the New Rochelle City Council requesting immediate public recognition for the hard work of the New Rochelle PBA.

Dear Council Members,

As you know, the New Rochelle PBA has publicly acknowledged that the loss of any life is tragic; this includes the loss of Kamal Flowers. We remain thankful, however, that our officer survived this encounter and has returned home safe to his family. The PBA remains steadfast in its belief that our officer acted within the scope of his legal authority and was justified in his actions. We look forward to a fair, unbiased and thorough investigation by any authority.

The PBA is saddened that we have not heard from any members of New Rochelle’s City Council, nor have we received a word of support from our elected officials. The unfortunate events of last week are not easy for anyone, including our members. Public support has always been there for our PBA, but support from the City’s council members is conspicuously lacking.

I write to you today to request immediate public recognition for the hard work of the New Rochelle PBA. As many of you know, the PBA has proactively engaged with the community. We have participated in many city and community events and spearheaded our own. The PBA is a big part of the New Rochelle community, and we take our responsibility very seriously. After the assassinations of police officers in the NYPD, Baton Rouge and Dallas, the New Rochelle PBA recognized that building stronger community relationships was not just our responsibility, but hoped that it would keep our officers safe during times of crisis. Some examples of our community outreach include Operation Blue Santa, Street Fair dunk tank, turkey giveaways and participating in soup kitchens, all of which are done in an “off-duty” capacity.

Today there are two scheduled protests in New Rochelle and we have full confidence that most, if not all members of the New Rochelle community will remain peaceful. We are however on high alert and fearful of outside agitators. The PBA supports the right to protest and will do its part to provide a safe environment to do so. Unfortunately, credible threats of violence against police officers have been reported, and I am very concerned for their safety. Therefore, the PBA is calling on all community leaders and elected officials to publicly recognize the hard work of the NRPD and PBA.

More importantly, I am calling on every council member to publicly denounce violence against police officers. Emotions are high, tensions are raised, and police officers around the country are being killed and injured for simply wearing the uniform. We can all agree that violence is never the answer, and we appeal to each member of the city council to publicly denounce violence in all its forms, and particularly against police officers. If you have already done so, please share with the PBA.

The New Rochelle PBA always has and will continue to support pragmatic and effective reforms which benefit the community and the Department. We welcome the opportunity to meet and participate.

Will you support us?

Best Regards,

Christopher T. Greco

President, New Rochelle PBA

2 thoughts on “New Rochelle Police Union Demands Recognition from City Council After Officer-Involved Shooting Death of Kamal Flowers”

  1. Dear PBA President Greco, your letter is spot on. City residents love and support “OUR” police officers and thank you for serving us with honor and respect. Today’s politicians are self serving cowards who do nothing to benefit the people they are there to serve. Their ideology of socialism/communism is unAmerican and it is disgusting that our city council and mayor’s office are filled with this scum!
    Good citizens stand proudly with the officers of the New Rochelle Police Department. Good triumphed over evil, thank God Officer McKenna survived this horrible ordeal. God Bless you and all our police officers.

  2. Dude, what planet are you living on?
    You just asked the King of Virtue Signalers, Noam Bramson, and his posse of City Hall lemmings, to risk their re-election efforts and stand by the police in New Rochelle?

    Hahahahahaha haha hahahohohohoh..holy sh*t…that was good. What else ya’ got?

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