New Rochelle School Budget Approved; Katie and Adina Elected to School Board

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The proposed $283,930,535 New Rochelle School Budget for the 2020-21 school year was approved by voters 4,554 – 2,997.

UPDATE: Official Results Votes Cast 2020-0609

Adina Berrios Brooks and Katie Castellano Minaya were elected to the School Board. Incumbent Christopher Daniello lost his seat, coming in third.

Adina Berrios Brooks received the most votes, 2,855, and will fill a five-year term beginning July 1, 2020, and ending June 30, 2025.

Katie Castellano Minaya received the second most votes, 2,333, and will fill a five-year term beginning July 1, 2020, and ending June 30, 2025.

  1. Adina Berrios Brooks 2,855
  2. Katie Castellano Minaya 2,333
  3. Christopher Daniello 2,186
  4. Julia Taylor 2,089
  5. Timothy McKnight 1,407
  6. Mario A. Scarano 1,057
  7. Michael Leone 650
  8. Barbara D’Alois 590
  9. Matthew T. Hirschman 587
  10. Stephen A. DiDonato 418
  11. Sharon D. Footes 339
  12. Donald Vega 257

The proposed Library Budget was for a 0% tax levy increase so voter approval was not required.

Corey Galloway and Charles F. Burke, Jr. were elected to the Library Board.

Library Board Candidates 2020

  1. Corey Galloway 4,434
  2. Charles F. Burke, Jr. 4,200
  3. David Mener 2,753

The official election results will be announced at a Special Meeting of the school board on Thursday June 18 at City Hall at 7:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.

The school election in New Rochelle was marred by numerous problems and irregularities including issues with candidates for school board getting their names on the ballot and a series of delays in distributing mail-in ballots to qualified voters.

On May 1, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an Executive Order to extend the period for candidates to get on the school ballot and eliminated the requirement to obtain signatures on a petition. As a result, there were an unprecedented 12 candidates on this year’s school board ballot.

Cuomo also pushed the election back to June 9 and required all ballots to be mail-in ballots. After some District’s including New Rochelle failed to make timely delivery of ballots to voters, Cuomo ordered Districts to accept ballots by mail up until 5 pm on June 16.

The canvass of ballots was delayed an extra day after the District reported 20 trays of mail were delivered by the United States Postal Service 30 minutes before the 5 pm deadline on June 12.


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