Who is Setting Off All the Fireworks?

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Residents in New Rochelle and throughout Westchester are wondering what is behind the massive spike in fireworks and explosions going off late at night into the early morning all around the City.

“This has been happening for more then two weeks that I started noticing,” said Katie Moriera on the Talk of the Sound Facebook page. “I follow the Nextdoor (app) and every one has been commenting about fireworks everywhere from the border of Larchmont to Pelham Manor and Mount Vernon.”

“There was a significant increase this past weekend over the same time period last year,” said City Manager Charles B. Strome.

Police call for complaints about fireworks jumped from 13 the weekend one year to 56 police calls this past weekend — an increase of 430%.

“We will monitor this week and weekend and see if the trend continues,” added Strome.

Pets are suffering from the loud noises.

“I live in the (New Rochelle) Historic District and I hear them every night, my dog is suffering and so is my ability to sleep,” posted KayKay Bouvier. “I feel like I live in a war zone.”

“My poor dog, as many others, are trembling from them,” Jill Ann Veltri Cruz posted.

“My boxer puppy girl is having serious nerve attacks,” posted Rick Shane who lives near Hudson Park. “We will not go out at all at sunset or dark.”

City officials did not respond to a request for comment.

Residents are advised to call their local police department to file a noise complaint about fireworks.

There are various theories but one thing is for sure, New Rochelle is hardly alone.

“This was not only happening in New Rochelle but all over Westchester and in fact the country,” said Strome.

The New York Times is reporting an 80-fold increase in the number of fireworks complaints, 1,737 fireworks complaints in the first half of June.

In Baltimore, one woman described the fireworks as more like a military assault.

“These aren’t just fireworks, they are mortars going off every night,” said one woman quoted in a local online publication.

In Rhode Island, East Providence Mayor Bob DaSilva said in less than a month, the city has received 58 fireworks complaints from residents.

“Last year was nothing like the complaints we are getting now,” DaSilva said.

In Connecticut, residents are upset.

“It’s awful. It’s really awful,” said a woman from Hartford. “The sound is so close you think it’s coming through the window.”

In Pennsylvania, the police are blaming a combination of factors starting with legalization of fireworks sales.

Allentown Police Chief Glenn Granitz Jr. attributes the problem to cabin fever, limited entertainment options and a “pandemic-hampered graduation season”.

Massachusetts has seen a large uptick in complaints.

“Fireworks calls to the Boston Police Department this year were up 2,300 percent,” said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, from 27 calls last May to 650.

Have you heard fireworks late at night? When, where and did you document with police?

Do you have any ideas on the cause of the large increases in fireworks and explosions over the past few weeks?

Post a comment.

UPDATE: Mayor Noam Bramson takes our questions on fireworks issue.

UPDATE: New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson issues statement on illegal fireworks: call 914-654-2300 to file a complaint.

UPDATE: New York City Announces Crackdown on Illegal Fireworks

19 thoughts on “Who is Setting Off All the Fireworks?”

  1. Vic – Sadly, your trolling won’t allay your anxiety, nor your anger, nor will it shore up your shaky sense of self.
    Get some mental health treatment.

  2. Just because your dog is fine doesn’t mean all dogs are okay and what about those who have fought for the independence of this country? You think that want reminders of what war sounded like? A little fun? This has been a nightmare for my family on so many levels. You are ignorant and I am disgusted.

  3. Police are not setting off the fireworks, that is absurd. What they are doing is not taking action against those who are, more than likely they are afraid it will lead to more trouble.

  4. The police are not setting off the fireworks, that’s absurd. What they are doing is very little to stop people who are, and I feel that is because in the current climate they are afraid it will lead to more trouble then just letting them be.

  5. Spoken like a true Karen. You are an utterly miserable excuse for a human being. Animals are better than people in every way. We have a duty to them beyond our duty to other humans. They depend on us and don’t have free will. Hope in this life or the next you go through the unrelenting hell they’re experiencing. Look for tweets by the Vet in Bushwick, NYC. Cats are dying from stress-induced bladder issues.

  6. OMG, we’re experiencing the same thing on the San Francisco Peninsula but thought it was just us. “The New York Times is reporting an 80-fold increase in the number of fireworks complaints, 1,737 fireworks complaints in the first half of June.” Us too, and it’s not just the pretty stuff, it’s “mortars like a military assault,” as a woman in Baltimore said. On Next-door we now have pix of a van that sets them off. Another vehicle that does it is a Lexus. Is this the “No Justice, No Peace” arm of Antifa? Or just other wealthy brats? People have posted rewards to anyone who gets their license plate. Now it seems to be a national fad.

  7. This is exactly what I think as well. In the past, police in our little subdivision were all over illegal explosive/fireworks calls. This year, they are totally unconcerned, “Yes, Ma’am, it’s happening all over – not much we can do about it”…

  8. The police are the ones setting them off, it started after the protests and now they want to scare people into submission and make them think we need police.

  9. Did I say or comment who I think is doing it no I didn’t I come from Murichi racial background my mother is white my step father is black my sister n brother is bi racial my kids are bi racial my husband is black. All lives matter what happen with certain case of police brutality it sickens me that we have ppl in this world that use their power and authority to hurt ppl but facts are that this is the small percent not the majority the problem is u can have a 1000 good cops and ten bad cops but if those 1000 good cops see those 10 bad cops do something they have to keep their mouth closed you can’t go against ur brother in blue it’s code Now u got 1010 bad cops those bad cops make it hard for cop cops to be appreciated I have cops in my family they are good cops but believe me I’m the first to call out asshole cop but just like the street snitches get stitches ppl will have each other’s back and didn’t see anything it’s sad but true as of these fireworks I do believe that Democrat and these antifa groups all part of this theater play the have ppl easily muniplated all these ppl feeding into racism is just causing more racism listen what people are worried and complaining about that this is going to far when will it stop do we put more life in danger most ppl do have pets that fireworks causes them anxiety what about my god daughter that’s autistic and suffer for sensitively issues n nosies at park at 3 pm u hear fireworks like gun shots none stop every few mins she busted out crying and punching herself in face biting her hands and pulling out chunks of her hair oh I forgot to mention because it’s not skin color thing but my god daughter is black what about her life what about her rights she is a seven your old kid with disabilities what about my neighbor son that has bi polor and and suffers from mental heath my elder neighbor son they are in their 60 after hrs of fireworks that sound like gunshots he ran out of house and was missing for two hrs cops had to find him he was laying in park crawling screaming it was right across from the east river what I’d that mental health man fell or trip and fell in river you see it’s not just fireworks around furth of July this been happen all month all day it’s ashamed that ppl don’t see how it’s affecting ppl that are innocent and have no control of what’s going on but come on ppl stop believing everything the media tells you

  10. Just about every comment on here sounds ignorant asf. You all are so quick to complain about things once it inconveniences you but have you forgotten what’s going on? People are fighting for justice and black lives and all you can sit here and do is complain about your pets??Get your priorities straight. If you’re more worried about a dog than a human life and you can’t see the purpose behind people setting off these firecrackers, you’re part of the problem. We’re at an unrest here and the firecrackers are just a small representation to show that people want their voices to be heard, and they’re willing to go to the extreme to do so since you all keep hitting snooze on your wake up alarms. So before you’re ready to complain ask yourself have you done your part and if you’re being fair. Get real here, you’re ignoring the issue at hand and you know good and well you’re not bringing up the subject. Also just a reminder that there are also police who are responsible for the fireworks at night and they do it so that people like you can complain and blame it on the wrong person.

  11. Wow, I haven’t seen as much complaining about the anarchists who are looting, destroying and murdering.

  12. And also one of my sons is cop and the other one is is firefighter he been to five fires that he had to put out because of fireworks. So please tell me where the logic is when this is causing harm and could hurt someone

  13. You sound real ignorant is it really selfish n disgusting that ppl are complaining I have several rescue animals and help rescue groups do you know how many animals had ran away from fireworks all night all day they are shaking in corners Hiding under beds do you know how many animals we seen take off cause fireworks they sound like gun shots they got hit by cars has to go to vet on anxiety medication I’m glad that your animal is fine but ppl should be respectful to other people’s issue with weather it’s keeping them up all night or that they are so worried about there animals help point blank it’s illegal it needs to stop ppl need to be respectful I would love to know what asshole has this unlimited supply

  14. But why are they illegal? Only because George Latimer and Co made it that way and just after the state just legalized fireworks.

  15. I would’ve liked to hear what types of ordinances they’re considering. I suppose they could start levying fines, but what else?

  16. Why dont the police send up a drone I know our taxes paid for a couple use it aren’t fireworks illegal and what is the city’s ordinance on the time

  17. Everyone needs to stop complaining..people are going nuts stuck at h9me.. shooting off some fire works is better then committing crimes that hirt others..this is just alittle fun. What is wrong with people….i have a dog and a huge mortar was shot right outsode my house and my dog was fine.. ..people useing their dogs as a excuse to ruin other peoples fu. Is selfish and disgusting

  18. I’ve been hearing the fireworks almost every night for the last week close to Main Street and Echo Ave. I called the police and asked if they could send someone. Not sure if they did bc it’s continued.

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