New Rochelle DPW Supervisor Unexpectedly Resigned Following Scrap Metal Investigation

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — A supervisor in the New Rochelle Department of Public Works was unexpectedly resigned yesterday following a police investigation into allegations that he diverted an unspecified amount of money from the City of New Rochelle by pocketing the cash from scrap metals acquired as part of his job with the city.

Joel “JJ” Serrano, Jr. earned $112,348 in 2019 as Manager of Refuse according the city website and payroll data on the website. His unexpected resignation was announced this morning to DPW employees.

The Sanitation Division within the City’s Department of Public Works collects the city’s metals, including refrigerators, stoves, and copper coil that city residents leave on their curbs for home pick-up. The Sanitation Division then takes collected items to PASCAP, a scrap yard in the Bronx where the city has an account. In exchange, PASCAP writes a check to the city for the value of the metal turned in.

Over the years Talk of the Sound has received more than a half-dozen complaints about Serrano working with two other people to hide valuable scrap metal behind the New Rochelle Armory, next door to the DPW City Yard on East Main Street, then pick it up on weekends to sell it to PASCAP in the Bronx and J. Bass & Sons in Mount Vernon for his own benefit.

The City has looked into past allegations against Serrano over the years but past DPW Commissioners reported the allegations to be unfounded. This time the matter was referred to the New Rochelle Police Department. The investigation into Serrano is said to be complete but has since expanded, sources tell Talk of the Sound.

22 thoughts on “New Rochelle DPW Supervisor Unexpectedly Resigned Following Scrap Metal Investigation”

  1. bob that’s it this guy is small potatoes keep stirring the pot there’s bigger fish to fry

    1. Obviously this sort of scam requires other people. And there is certainly a “failure to supervise”.

  2. At least he made his own pension plan since the city makes no plans to help the essential DPW workers with the COVID 19 every other city takes care of there guys not this one

  3. Hello George, he did clear his name by resigning. The City did him a favor of allowing him to resign instead of tarnish by the means of being fired. And like any other union / civil service job, he will be required to make full restitution. He STOLE…..
    Bob Cox, call Pascap, ask for James. They have a full print out of all vehicles and his license plate that was used will allow for all receipts. Just not sure how far back they can go.
    I also pay heavy taxes. Anyone that finds what he did to be okay regardless of if he was a nice guy, you are wrong. He stole from all of us. I’m also sure that he did not act alone. Others put it over there for their SHARE.

  4. Just hope the sanitation department can run the right way now now that’s one happy city yard “the FORGOTTEN souls

  5. HELL no he wasn’t he was never fare with his worker’s so you might not want to go to the YARD it only make things worst

  6. Wrong John…..I am a resident of this fine city that pays an unreasonably high tax that contributed to your buddy Serrano’s salary, and what will eventually become his pension. Do i lack class in your book for going to work, abiding by the law, and paying high taxes? It is apparent that you have not been privy to what others have been saying for the longest time

  7. to the douchebag that wrote good riddance why don’t you have some f**king class coming from someone who has worked for Serrano despite of what he did he was a good boss and everyone who came to work and did what they were suppose to do every day can vouch for that.

    1. “despite of (sic) what he did he was a good boss”

      What he is alleged to have done amounts to time-theft, misappropriation, embezzlement, larceny, tax evasion, public corruption, etc.

      I am glad he petted you on the head, said “good boy” and threw you the occasional bone but that is not the criteria in something I like to call “reality”. The allegations are criminal and he should not be allowed to skate with an overdue retirement and a pension. At the bare minimum, he should be required to make restitution based on every dime that went into his PASCAP account and give up everyone else involved. Knowing how public sector crooks operate in this City, he has a black book loaded with dirt on anyone and everyone. Time to spill.

  8. It’s oftentimes said abusive behavior doesn’t stop, until its stopped! Even though many may think he’s a scumbag! He deserves a chance to clear his name! Full Stop!

    1. He had a chance to clear his name. He chose to resign rather than be terminated and risk facing criminal charges.

  9. Now do the crooked building department where one of the inspectors there (who has been caught before for doing illegal things to benefit himself) pushes people to his family landscaping business to make permit issues go away or worse, sick the building department on enemies of of clients of the family landscaping business…that’s a fun one and the powers that be all know about it and just let it happen…

  10. Good riddance….. This POS has been robbing the city of new rochelle for years. Serrano oversaw a truck that collects metal on scheduled pick up days. He specifically ordered the truck to the back of the armory regularly in which he would jump into the truck to sort through, and separate the more valuable items. Serrano would then pull the more expensive items to scrap off of the truck. Once he has handpicked the more expensive items, Serrano then orders the truck to Pascap to scrap the inexpensive metal so the city got back minimal for years. Serrano would then drive his personal vehicle into the rear of the armory on weekends to fill his vehicle from the stockpile of the more “valuable” metal and cash in. Not only was he a rogue employee for many years with his elaborate scam of theft of government money, he is also and arrogant “scumbag” that took pride in making the workplace a hostile environment

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