FLASHBACK (2006-2008): Stuffed Monkey on a Noose Found in New Rochelle School

Written By: Robert Cox

FLASHBACK (2006-2008): this incident occurred before the launch of Talk of the Sound but as few of our current readers are likely aware, it is worth noting a white supervisor repeatedly hung nooses in an office at Isaac E. Young Middle School yet kept his job — initially he was dinged in his personnel file, after the victim pressed the issue the supervisor was forced to apologize and accept a 3 week suspension. Only after a lawsuit was filed and media coverage began was the supervisor “unexpectedly resigned”.

Stuffed Monkey On A Noose Found In New Rochelle, New York School Office

“Carino was reprimanded, first with a letter in his file, according to district documents, and later, Johnson said, with a three-week, unpaid suspension. Following the first meeting on the matter on July 24 of last year with Johnson, Carino and other district officials, Principal Anthony Bongo sent a letter dated July 26 to Carino praising his “productive and trustworthy” service, but criticizing him for hanging the nooses.

“This was clearly poor judgment and I must officially extend my displeasure and reprimand for this episode,” Bongo wrote, adding: “I appreciate your apology to Mr. Johnson, which I believe was heartfelt and sincere. You have owned up to this as a gentleman, as I knew you would.”