New Rochelle Farmers Market Suspends Manager over Transphobic, Racist Hate Speech

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — A mainstay of business in New Rochelle for 80 years has suspended a store manager for what it said were “transphobic, racist and hateful comments” posted to the employees personal Instagram account.

Cherry Lawn Farmers Market announced Thursday in a statement on the Cherry Lawn Farm Market’s Instagram account that Paul Dipietro, a long time employee, was asked to leave the premises pending an investigation.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Instagram post containing the statement was removed after this story ran but not before we took a screen grab of it:

“This unacceptable behavior does not at all parallel Cherry Lawn’s core values,” according to the statement. “The insensitive posts do not reflect the ownership’s beliefs.”

A customer had complained to owner Armando D’Onofrio on Thursday prompting Dipietro’s suspension.

Several complaints about Dipietro’s conservative politics were posted in Yelp reviews over the years.

Al Dipietro, Paul Dipietro’s father, was the subject of a 2014 post on the Cherry Lawn Market Facebook page which described Paul as “caring, responsible and compassionate”.

Paul Dipietro’s @pauliedips Instagram account has since been made private but not before screen grabs of posts to the account were sent to Talk of the Sound.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Full Disclosure, the hashtag #lydakrewson refers to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson. BLM protestors were marching to her residence when the incident described above occurred. Mayor Krewson is Robert Cox’s aunt.

53 thoughts on “New Rochelle Farmers Market Suspends Manager over Transphobic, Racist Hate Speech”

  1. And there’s an even angrier boy here that won’t answer a simple question. Does Paul DiPietro have any ownership of Cherry Lawn?

  2. Glad you condone free speech. By the way the people of New Rochelle call you the village idiot behind your back. That’s fact. Also there is an angry boy on here posting a lot of comments because his mother is a woman of the night.

  3. I agree whole heartedly with you Robert. This place needs to be taught a lesson. Please contact News 12 about your investigation coupled with the federal discrimination suit. This place doesn’t deserve to be in business.

  4. Hey Robert,
    Wasn’t this post supposed to be an unbiased report about hate? Do you see in the comments here there are insults about ugly girlfriends, balding men and mothers? Your site is perpetuating exactly what your story meant to speak out against: hate. So what is it should hate speech be banned or is it first amendment right? You rail on it in the article but you allow it in your comments. Make up your mind and stay consistent otherwise you look like a hypocrite

    1. Nowhere do I say anything about banning hate speech or that the article is an unbiased report about hate and I am not speaking out about hate. When you make things up to refute those things you are engaged in a straw-man argument – a rhetorical form used by simpletons.

      Here is one thing I have learned in writing a story about a business suspending their employee over some Instagram posts: everyone associated with running Cherry Lawn Farmers Market and their “fans” comes across as sick, twisted, people. I have never been a customer of CLFM and after witnessing the most recent behavior am thankful for that. I will never patronize the business and actively discourage others from doing so.

  5. Perhaps someone should look into an ongoing federal labor lawsuit with the index number 7:19-cv-09469. Some very interesting allegations in there about bald Paul and the owner of this place who claims that this is not what the stores values are.

    1. Cano v. Cherry Lawn Farms, Inc
      New York Southern District Court
      Filed 10/14/2019


      Plaintiff Cano was employed by Defendant Cherry Lawn Farms, Inc. d/b/a Cherry Lawn Farm Market (“CLFM”), a grocery story and restaurant owned by Armando D’Onofrio. While working at CLFM, Plaintiff Cano was discriminated by Defendant DiPietro, who was the manager and Plantiff Cano’s direct supervisor, and Defendant D’Onofrio. As soon as Plaintiff Cano complained about the discrimination to Defendant D’Onofrio, Defendants did not take any meaningful steps to stop the discrimination. As a result, Defendant DiPietro and Defendant D’Onofrio continued to discriminate against Plaintiff Cano until he was forced to accept his termination.


      58. …on various occasions, Defendant DiPietro and Defendant D’Onofrio made numerous unwelcomed disparaging comments in regards to Plaintiff Cano, saying, “Hispanics are animals”.

      59. That at all times herein relevant, Defendant DiPietro and Defendant D’Onofrio would demand and prohibit Plaintiff Cano to speak his native language by stating, “Don’t speak Spanish”.

      60. That at all times herein relevant, Defendant DiPietro and Defendant D’Onofrio would tell Plaintiff Cano, “Hispanics are garbage”.

      61. That at all times herein relevant, on a separate occasion, in or around 2014, Plaintiff Cano became injured at work. When plaintiff requested Workers Compensation to Defendant D’Onofrio, he responded, “You guys [referring to Hispanics] don’t get Worker’s Compensation.”

      62. That at all times herein relevant, on a regular basis, Defendant DiPietro and Defendant D’Onofrio would tell Plaintiff Cano, “Hispanics are fucking shit”.

      63. That at all times herein relevant, Defendant DiPietro and Defendant D’Onofrio would repeatedly call Plaintiff Cano and Hispanics, “Rats”.

      64. That at all times herein relevant, Defendant DiPietro would tell Plaintiff Cano, “All Colombians are drug addicts”

      65. That at all times herein relevant, subsequently, Defendant DiPietro questioned Plaintiff Cano, “Are you a drug addict, because you are Colombian, and all Colombians are drug addicts”.

      66. That at all times herein relevant, Defendant DiPietro would often state, “Our president will clean out all you pests [referring to Hispanics].

      67. That at all times herein relevant, unable to endure the discrimination and hostile work environment any further, Plaintiff Cano mustered the courage to complain to Defendant D’Onofrio. In response, Defendant D’Onofrio stated, “there is the door, if you don’t like it”.

      68. That at all times herein relevant, despite Plaintiff Cano’s complaints, Defendants failed to investigate Plaintiff’s complaints or terminate

      The second part of the complaint is about failure to pay minimum wage, failure to pay overtime, etc.

  6. Does Paul DiPietro still live in his mom’s house? Is that something that an owner of a business would do?

    Weird that there has not been one definitive statement in response to the “does Paul own a part of cherry lawn or not?” My gut would tell me that he doesn’t even though he goes around telling people that he does.

    Instead his ugly girlfriend and friends will continue to post hate here without addressing the root of all these comments.

    So BOTTOM LINE does Paul have any ownership in this business or not??

  7. Once again Karen. Stop hiding behind your IP address (which I can now read). I’ll leave it at that. I know who you are. We will see you this week. Hi to your mom as well.

  8. Still creating fake accounts little boy. Must be so pathetic to be a self loathing cuckold living in mamas basement. Why don’t you try and get a boyfriend man. You need a love life lowlife. You don’t go to cherry lawn, that’s true. You can’t afford it.

  9. Once again Paul. Do you have an ownership stake in this place or not???? Very simple question. Which you or your ugly girlfriend or friends seem to not want to answer. And you couldn’t bring cherry lawn for dinner. You’re banned from the premises.

  10. Son I grounded you for creating 20 different aliases online to comment on soy boy forums. You can’t use feel the bern, grocery boy, skippy anymore. Mow the lawn and leave these comments for the adults son. Dinner at 7. I picked up cherry lawn, your favorite.

  11. I’ve seen this question asked many times over. Since this guy’s friends seem to comment back on every other post but not the important question I guess HE HAS NO OWNERSHIP OF THE STORE AND IS JUST A GROCERY BOY 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Go into store often. Workers there seem happy. Same crew I can remember for at least 10 years. See the manager there all the time. No matter if I stop in for breakfast lunch or dinner. He must be doing something right that everyone knows him and ask for him anytime I’m in there. Personal social is personal. They can fire him if they please sure but this isn’t Coca-Cola ready to give out a few million to keep the lawyers from picking it all apart, it’s a local family market. Great food!!! Expensive fruits and veg but great food!

  13. Feel the bern, I saw you that day. You were panhandling in the parking lot with a crop top and high heels. Then you left dejectedly when you couldn’t afford a juice. Try one of the chop zones. They give them away there sweetheart.

  14. Cancel culture will continue as long as the Left continues its efforts in our colleges and universities to develop young people who need a safe space from the ideas their precious ears cannot bear. We’re growing a generation of spoiled liberal brats who demand only their views be expressed, and the lazy adults who sanction this narcissistic crap from them.

  15. This guy claims to be an owner. Glad to hear that it isn’t true and his boss is the real owner.

  16. Oh this balding tough guy? 😂😂😂😂😂

    I was in this store one day maybe 6 months ago with my Bernie shirt on and he legit walked up to me and said “you know as an owner I can refuse service to anyone I want”. I would have thought it was a joke if it wasn’t said in such a despicable tone.

    Well I guess Cherry Lawn has now refused to serve him and hopefully they do permanently.

    Unless he is in fact an “owner” but that seems unlikely given the suspension 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Is this guy an owner of this store or not???? He’s always running around telling everyone he is. I mean sounds more like the “owners” that suspended him are trying to save face but probably buy into the same rhetoric.

    Unfortunately he will be back there shortly if he isn’t already.

    I’m done with this place.

  18. Personally, I’m sick of this whole hypocritical cancel culture. A conservative puts up a borderline post and it’s “fire them, arrest them, ruin them.” Conversely you got the liberal side saying fifty times worse and it’s no big deal. The NYC BLM leader said “we are gonna burn it all down, no white people here, get rid of whites.” He gets gloried and donations roll in. End the hypocrisy. This post and subsequent repost on your twitter is disgusting. I will expect you to report the other vitriol as well from the other side. Don’t call yourself objective with deep deep blue democratic ties in your family. Call it straight. Hopefully this guy takes legal action on all including you

  19. Good riddance to this place! I used to go ALL the time until some little girl in the front screwed up my order so bad I couldn’t stand to go in again. If I remember correctly that guy was the nice one while the owner was miserable!! Seemed pissed at the world type of guy! Hope he takes them to court and puts an end to that overpriced dump. Who cares about those post?They weren’t even political or racist! It was literally straight opinion. I’ve seen way worse in this month of “mommy my feelings are hurt “cancel culture”

  20. Wait what!? Dude he’s a good guy!!! My friends and town would starve without that kid! He literally remembers my daughters birthdays!

    Cherry Lawn better reel it in a bit. They’ll lose more without him. He’s got the people on lock. Sucks if the post are true because on the ideological side I don’t fully agree and I’m shocked but regardless if you know the person you know he’s gold and that’s what will matter. Cherry Lawn throwing him under the bus a bit. Welcome to the bullshit that is 2020!

    Good luck!!!

  21. You said that already. I guess that’s your default when you have nothing else to say. Makes sense why they call you the village idiot around New Rochelle.

  22. Hey Dick Cox, I read the article. Looks like you have an agenda against this person. I looked at the post and really can’t see what is Transphobic. He said black trans lives matter and posted a pic of Michelle Obama. Isn’t she a big advocate for black trans lives, what am I missing? Other then that the other posts were opinions that weren’t racist. I guess you feel like he insulted your terrible politician of an aunt and felt compelled to write an article. You want to do more for black lives matter, you should tell her to resign. She’s a complete joke. Then tag BLM and grio in that tweet.

  23. So your Aunt is somehow superior cause she didn’t stand on her front lawn with a weapon? That’s the implication here?
    The McCloskey’s had absolutely no idea where that mob of poisonous BLM frauds were going as they broke into a private area. None. All they knew was the same information anyone else in that city had, that the Mayor, your Aunt, and the police force in St. Louis were incapable of controlling days of violence.
    You write your disclaimer as if the McCloskey’s knew the mob was innocently on its way to her house for a protest and we’re just passing by.

    Bullsh*t and you know it.

  24. Uhhh Andrew, the guy isn’t in jail, so his First Amendment rights are still clearly in place. The First Amendment is one sentence that begins CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW. The 1A does not guarantee anyone a job or anything more than protection from government prosecution.

  25. Someone just sent me this article. They told me you were upset because your aunt was mentioned. Shes a public figure and she ruined St Louis all on her own, you don’t have to be so vindictive about it.
    It must really be terrible when you are a Democratic mayor and even the democrats want to protest at your house.

    1. If you read the article then you would know I am not “upset” about anything just disclosing a personal connection to one of the IG posts as is, in my view, the proper thing to do.

      What you probably do not know is that when protesters came to her house — coming onto her property, banging on the windows and doors, she went outside and spoke with them for 30 minutes.

      Lyda does not need me to defend her and I can assure you she does not pay any attention to what is happening at a market in New Rochelle.

      Try reading the article.


  26. Why was this story ever written ? This is “high school girl” drama, not worthy of publishing.
    I don’t boycott, boycotting is a left wing social activist tactic. But I do choose not to go to an establishment that I think doesn’t treat there employee’s right.
    Labeling people as racist, putting their job at risk and slandering them about posts on their “personal” page has no place in America it goes against our constitution and basic standards of freedom that as Americans we expect.

    1. It does not go against the Constitution.

      The only freedom at issue here is the freedom of a business owner to employ who they wish.

      You are free to not patronize a business for ANY reason. THAT is your choice. Call it what you like but you are boycotting the CLFM.

  27. It’s clearly from a fake account. Do a google image search bonehead and you can see the image was cherry picked from a website. I get it, you run a blog, you are about as much a journalist as my pit bull.

    1. It is not “clearly from a fake account”.

      That someone used an image from the web as their profile pic is irrelevant, that happens all the time.

      That said, the issue here is what cherry lawn said in their statement.

  28. Robert you are indeed right the first amendment does not bar a business from firing an employee due to speech, but on the other hand does anybody doubt that if the speech in question was pro a liberal cause, no matter how caustic his job would be safe? does anybody really want to argue that speech which is seen as antithetical to the Democrats position(s) is automatically grounds to be shouted down, or even worse fired? I will never walk into Cherry Lawn again, they decided to weigh in on a political position and so will I, away from their establishment.

  29. There is no protections for political views in New York or federally. You can be fired for your political views just the same as you can be fired for wearing a shirt that your boss doesn’t like.

    What I find funnier about this article is about how this particular employee has been going around for years telling people that he owns the store. Perhaps the store owners want to address that? Is he an owner and are they sweeping that under the rug to avoid more bad press?

    Perhaps Mr. DiPietro himself wants to comment on his status as owner?

  30. Interesting that in the article you chose to include a yelp review from a fake account. Perhaps researching first before blogging to the world.

    1. I have no idea why you believe a particular Yelp review is from a “fake account” but my actual words were “Several complaints about Dipietro’s conservative politics were posted in Yelp reviews over the years” which is entirely accurate.

  31. Right, Bob, but the point is that a derogatory photograph on someone’s Instagram of Melania, with the label that she’s really a man, would never be brought to anyone’s attention, and never cause anyone to be terminated. That is the reality, not imagination.

    1. I have no idea what might have been done about something that did not happen.

      If you want to address what actually happened in this case then great but I am not going to debate straw man arguments.

      The business made a decision. I was made aware of it and reported on it. If you want to boycott the business go right ahead.

      The fact is that people were posting complaints about the employee long ago — and the business apparently did not see a need to fire the guy. But you can ask them why now.

  32. So that was not a photograph of Michelle Obama which he labeled as a “transgendered black lives matter”?

    Which part of his insensitive post is it which you labeled “Transphobic” and “Racist” in your banner headline?

    1. My headline is derived from the statement by Cherry Lawn. I did not “label” anything.

  33. Had that been an unflattering photo of Melania Trump, and a threat to burn down a Trump Library and statue, you’d never hear a thing.

    1. But there was no such photo or threat.

      We are dealing in reality here not your imagination.

      1. Mr. Depietro has “freedom of speech” what he does not have is “right to employment”.

  34. Communism is alive and well in the Socialist State of New York !
    I will never shop at “Cherry Lawn Farmers Market” for violating an employee’s freedom of speech. I hope this employee sues them and the racist “SEAN O”.
    These people are sick puppies !

  35. This cancel culture needs to stop!!
    Where is our 1st amendment rights!!!!
    This is so sad.

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