Hundreds Sign New Rochelle PTA Council Petition Opposing School Re-entry Plan

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Hundreds of parents have signed a Petition opposing the City School District of New Rochelle School Re-entry Plan. The petition is being circulated by the New Rochelle PTA Council.

The New Rochelle PTA Council has come to the consensus that the Hybrid model is not the direction in which the City School District of New Rochelle needs to move, at this moment, and the District should focus ALL resources on starting the school year using Distance Learning.

By starting fully remote and using Distance Learning, we can then take the time necessary to ensure that the Hybrid plan is fully developed, meets all guidelines, has parent choice, and has clear and complete documentation.  

Distance Learning 2.0 must evolve into Distance Learning Re-Entry Plan, and in order to do so, the following must happen:

1. Create a committee of teachers who excelled at Distance Learning this spring and develop best practices

2. Begin training teachers on the tools that will be used for Distance Learning prior to school opening

3. Provide technology support to parents to minimize Distance Learning challenges

4. Ensure all students and teachers have adequate Internet access and individual computers or chromebooks

5. Work with community partners to provide locations for households requiring supervision of students during the school day

6. Identify students who require additional support and provide any necessary resources

7. Distribute meals at all schools 

The PTA Council firmly believes that starting the school year fully remote and using Distance Learning is the right course of action for the safety of the students, teachers and staff.

Petition: New Rochelle School Re-entry Plan