Mamaroneck Man Illegally Shoots Turkey with Compound Bow from Moving Car

Written By: Robert Cox

MAMARONECK, NY — Mark Luceno of Mamaroneck appeared in the Town of Mamaroneck Court on July 27 to answer charges from the illegal taking of a turkey from a roadway.

Luceno was charged with illegally taking protected wildlife, taking a turkey during closed hours, use of a motor vehicle to take small game, discharging a bow from across a public highway, discharging a bow within 150 feet of a dwelling, and failure to tag a turkey as required by law.

On May 7, Mamaroneck Police called the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to report a turkey shot from the roadway at approximately 7 p.m.

An Environmental Conservation Police Officer (ECO) responded to the scene. A witness described a van in the area at the time of the shooting and provided a license plate number. The following day an ECO interviewed nearby residents who may have witnessed the incident and reviewed video from a homeowner with surveillance cameras pointed at the road where the turkey was believed to have been shot. The videos showed the turkey dead on the side of the road with the van in question stopped as a passenger exited the vehicle and picked it up.

Confronted by an ECO with the evidence, Luceno gave a full written confession describing how he shot the turkey from the side of the road with his compound bow while his wife drove. He turned over paws and beard collected from the investigation into illegal taking of a turkey (photo above). He was issued six tickets.

Luceno agreed to civil penalties in court and paid a $500 penalty. 

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  1. Turkeys don’t have paws, they have legs and feet. Also, was it a compound bow or a crossbow? Headline and article say different things.

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